: Cruise control issue after trading for 2008 DTS fixes itself?

01-29-13, 11:50 AM
I also have this posted in the DTS forums. I figured it would be ok to post here, too, since I'm sure the cruise control system on the DTS is used in other Cadillac vehicles.

Last week I traded for my DTS about 2 hours away from here. I made sure on the test drive to check out the cruise control, and it worked fine.

However, on the way home I had some problems. The first problem I started having was the Resume function not working properly. There were times I would hit the Resume button on the steering wheel, and it just wouldn't work. When that would happen, I couldn't get it to Set again either. Only after pushing the buttons several times and turning the cruise control switch on and off could I get it to work again. This scenario happened at least three times.

The next problem I had was with the cruise control just stopping for no reason. I didn't touch the brake or hit the cancel button on the steering wheel. When this happened the first time I was on the phone and thought I may have inadvertently tapped the brake, but I'm 100% sure the next two times it happened I didn't do anything. The light on the actual cruise control would remain on, but the little icon on the instrument panel would turn off.

I called the dealer I purchased the car from and told him about these problems. He told me that it could be just because the cruise control was rarely used by the previous owner, and if I kept working with it, the problems might just go away on their own. That sounded like BS to me, so I told him I would keep working with it through the weekend (this was on a Tuesday).

Now, I wasn't willing to take another hundred mile trip to extensively use the cruise control. However, there is a route I can take to and from work which is a highway (I usually take a secondary road that covers almost the entire 8 miles) which has about 4 miles where I can use cruise. So on Wednesday I took this route to and from the office. I had the same problems with the Resume and Set functions that I was having the day before, but it never disabled itself - probably just because it wasn't a long enough stretch.

On Thursday, I did the same thing. No problems. On my lunch break I actually went out onto another highway for a 14 mile round trip. No problems again. Resume worked perfectly every time and I could always change the Set speed as well after interrupting it.

On Friday and Saturday, cruise worked fine again. Didn't test it on Sunday, but this (Monday) morning all was still well.

Does this make sense to you? A few of my friends and family I talked to agreed with my suspicion that the notion of these problems disappearing on their own was BS. However, as it stands now, it seems like that's exactly what has happened. What do you think?