: MirrorLink

01-28-13, 09:49 PM
I have been heavily researching the ATS with intent to buy, but I have one major concern regarding CUE.

From everything I have seen, CUE seems to be incredibly slow in comparison to current generation tablets like the iPad. I understand it does not necessarily need to be that fast, and they may be able to tweak performance to get adequate responsiveness for now. However, once the app store becomes available, and technology naturally progresses, this lack of responsiveness is going to become a lot more irritating in a couple of years.

I was reading about the CCC's MirrorLink platform, and it seems like a great solution to this problem. MirrorLink will let you basically use your smartphone through the car display. I was hoping/wondering if anyone has any information about whether or not GM has any intention or ability to integrate this into the CUE system via an update. Perhaps we will find out more about this at the Mobile World Conference on Feb 26.


Any inside knowledge about this would be appreciated. (Especially from GM Support)


01-29-13, 09:20 AM
Unfortunately, I can't comment on specifics of the future development :(. But for something like this, one of our primary concerns would be maintaining safety. All of our applications have to go through driver workload testing where we make sure that they do not distract the driver from their primary task of operating the vehicle. If we opened up the interface to a smartphone that didn't have these restrictions, it could potentially be unsafe. That's not to say these restrictions could be worked out so the smartphone was able to impose them upon itself. Just know if that we do always look for ways to improve the system, but always keeping safety as the primary factor.

01-29-13, 10:12 AM
Thanks for the feedback. I completely understand why you cant give too much information out, and why safety is the #1 priority. That actually appears to be the whole purpose of the CCC (Car Connectivity Consortium) coming together to define this standard. If they dont happen to be on your radar, you may want to check into it, as GM is one of the Charter members.

From their technology page:

MirrorLink™ also provides a mechanism that ensures only approved applications are accessible while driving. Applications will be approved using a standardize testing process that will be introduced later this year.

01-31-13, 01:31 AM
I think this post from GM suggests they are considering that type of architecture:


However, they are rolling it out at the low-end first -- which makes a ton of sense from a sales and marketing standpoint.