: 65 deville rear end leaky

01-26-13, 05:04 PM
I knew i didnt want to mess with it in the first place!! but being winter and shes stored i figure why not.
So i pulled the drive shaft (replaced the u joints and cv joints since i was there) and im wanting to replace the pinion seal and the pumpkin gasket. But now that i have everything broke loose it does not just slide apart... the front load portion.
So im curious if guys just rtv the two halves or what? so it dosnt have to seperate?

And after watching a couple utube vids i kind of screwed my self when i pulled the splined flange off the pinion because i didnt mark the relationship or count the revolvutions. So im unsure how to reset the pinon nut tension??

Any advice appreciated

01-26-13, 08:50 PM
get on ebay and find a helms factory service manual. It may help a little.