: Body mount bushings? 69 DV convt

01-26-13, 10:48 AM
Apologies if this has been covered recently, but I've got to replace body mounts in my '69 Dv convertible. I can't find any direct replacements(Steele rubber, Rubber the right way) and have looked at universals (jegs, prothane,energy). Anybody been through this/got some intel?
Also, thoughts on ployurethane vs rubber would be appreciated and info on application if I have to freelance( i.e. I figure a Corvette bushing is harder than a Fleetwood bushing for performance vs ride quality)



01-26-13, 10:36 PM
I had to replace mine on my 69 FWB. I had to use Chevy mounts, they had to be shortend a bit otherwise the car sat too high on the frame.

01-27-13, 11:46 AM
yeah, it looks like any available choice is gonna be a compromise. I'm currently looking at Buick, Pontiac, Chev, etc. A friend advised using rubber vs poly.
What did you do to shorten the bushings-just sand 'em?

01-28-13, 04:33 PM
Cut out a bit of the middle and sandwiched.