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01-24-13, 06:47 PM
Just getting strated and will post pics of all the steps, but this is getting the RX Super Charger, Ported heads, Our stall converter, and much more.

Here is the car:


Of course replacing the timing chains, etc. while the motor is torn down. Stay tuned and see each step to about the most deep build you could imagine, and a chance for more members to see first hand just what goes on here at RX.



02-03-13, 09:38 PM
I'm excited about it, sounds like its gona be a beast.
You think you'll be able to get it to 500HP?

02-08-13, 12:59 AM
I can not wait to get this car back home and run it through these mountain roads........... I will be watching the thread. I'm so excited Tracy!

02-08-13, 07:46 PM
You will love the power I have one!!!! Very low Maintenance!


Did you have your car On the carport to Tracy shop???

02-09-13, 12:06 PM
The heads:


Expect 450-500 at the flywheel. Fuel delivery of the HPDI pump is the only thing holding it from more.

More pics to come.


02-12-13, 09:37 AM

02-12-13, 06:10 PM
Good thing we were doing heads...the oil cking buildup on the intake valves is about as bad as any we have seen:

New heads are on and new timing chains going on:

02-13-13, 05:25 AM
If you can remember can you find out what grill that is on that CTS??

02-13-13, 12:09 PM
PM redj320 on here...it's his car. :thumbsup:

02-13-13, 10:34 PM
Looking good!!

02-14-13, 10:31 AM
Here is the motor finished and ready to stab back in:


Supercharge should be on tomorrow and engine back in. Also doing our 3600 stall converter to give it some quicker spool time.


02-15-13, 12:06 PM
Hey cts chick that grill is a E&G heavy mesh grill e series.

02-20-13, 10:36 AM

Finishing up! Nice clean install. Had to redesign the entire bracket and belt system for the 2008 as the front cover is different so took a ton of extra time.


02-21-13, 08:44 PM
Finished a few hours ago....and the owners are on their way back to PA as I type. Hope all goes well, we usually like a few days of testing and logging to tweak the tune but he had to get back for work.


Thing is awesome launching w/AWD.

02-23-13, 04:20 PM
To all CTS4 owners all I can say is .....................WOW. Thank you Tracy and Karen and to all the guys at the shop.

02-24-13, 08:33 AM

02-25-13, 10:24 AM
Anyone with a 3.6DI CTS or other model that wants 450-500 HP from your V6.....look us up.

We have done probably more R&D and product development than any other shop in the country when it comes to the 3.6DI engines.

And were finally ready for someone that wants to do an extreme build on an AWD newer CTS.....target is 700 HP with our all forged engine (4.1L when finished....forged stroker crank, forged pistons, all ARP fastners and head studs, our ported heads, Mace cams, and twin Borg Warner EFR turbos (used on the indy cars exclusively since 2011). This will target the build to be the quickest, fastest 3.6 DI caddy in the country and the budget will be high, and the finished car unlike any other to date.


02-25-13, 12:20 PM
Would love you to do my cts ! How can I get it too ya ? I'm from Vancouver Canada.

02-25-13, 12:30 PM
We can give you the #'s for several transport companies, or Google: Auto Transport for a ton of quotes.


02-25-13, 01:15 PM
I'm in ! If you could get me the info great ! I own a 2011 cts4 45000k ! And want more power !

02-25-13, 01:46 PM
Call Karen direct when you can and give her the exact address: 941-721-1826



02-27-13, 12:48 PM
Anyone else wanting to turn their V6 into a beast let us know. :thumbsup:

03-01-13, 07:44 PM
Will you be trying to build a CTS with twin turbos anytime down the road?

03-02-13, 03:00 PM
Doing them now.....standard Borg Warner turbos it is $8900 installed complete. Borg Warner EFR's (the same the Indy teams are standardized with) is $9900 complete.

Thats tuned, all complete.

03-02-13, 03:01 PM
Thank you sir, I will be inquiring in the near future.

03-05-13, 11:37 AM
Is this only the DI engines or can this be done on the 3.6 SFI also?

03-05-13, 01:46 PM
We can do it to any engine, just have done a ton of DI motors. If the engine is still good and sound no problem. We like to do timing chains at the same time just for preventitive maintanance.



03-08-13, 07:53 PM
Bravo, Tracy! Nothing but good things coming out of this shop.

03-09-13, 11:48 AM
Thank you! We bust our butt's and are still human and not perfect, but I beleive we are in the lead of any shop in the country on DI (especcially GM) engines, product development, and understanding.


03-11-13, 04:56 PM
Very cool stuff. Wish you guys did 8.1 stuff too. No one seems to be selling anything for them these days other than Raylar...

03-11-13, 05:09 PM
We can do custom applications for most anything w/and engine and wheels.....tuning may be a challenge with some non common ECU's. But for any V8 we do any SC or turbo for.

We have a ton of trucks used to tow we do liquid to air intercooled FI and our RX Super Chiller on.

03-11-13, 11:30 PM
Awesome job! All this in a wagon would be the ultimate sleeper for me!

Any numbers for this build, like Dyno before and after? Or 1/4 mile times?

How about the sound or noise? I love a nice supercharger whine, but it might get old on a daily driver. Any comments on how this one sounded?

Any problem with traction? AWD would certainly help, what tires/wheels are on it?

03-12-13, 10:01 AM
Have several of these in AWD and zero traction issues. The AWD dyno wont be here for another 2-3 weeks so no dyno on this one. Others are making around 400 whp and 1/4 mile ET's as quick as 12.9's but most low 13's.

Here are some videos of ones that customers have posted (camaros for the most part):

03-16-13, 03:54 AM
You mentioned earlier about using a 3600 stall. That might be kinda high for me, with a daily driver that sees bumper to bumper traffic. How would this setup work with a lower stall TC, or even the stock one? I don't even know what the stock stall RPM is. Would a twin turbo be better?

Trying to justify a V6 purchase to all my V8 friends...

03-18-13, 10:54 AM
Left a message at your company voicemail over a week ago, still haven't gotten a response. Among other things, I'm curious as to what type of timeframe I should anticipate from car drop-off to pick-up?

03-18-13, 11:46 AM
Any numbers for this build, like Dyno before and after? Or 1/4 mile times?
Or before / after flow numbers for the ported heads?

The AWD dyno wont be here for another 2-3 weeks so no dyno on this one.
So what sort of tune was done? With a 65% horsepower bump I'd want a good dyno tune, particularly if I was spending good money.

03-18-13, 01:10 PM
Maybe some on here with the build/3600 stall can chime in. You will not know it is anything but stock iduring normal driving, only when you put your foot in it will the stall be apparant. Same at highway speeds as it locks up as stock.

Email direct: RXProducts@aol.com

I have been out sick for a week and am in for 1/2 day today and totally beat, but someone will reply.

The tune is a custom tune done by Trifecta. We have somewhere around 40 of these around the world so the tune is pretty dang good.

My appologies for being our sick....this flu has slammed me. :thumbsup:

03-29-13, 11:41 PM
Help.....need to get car too you Tracy Ill pay for transport back and the cams too.


Need rev swag as well.......:worship: I'm hurting here Tracy plzzzzzzz.

03-30-13, 08:24 AM
I love my supercharged AWD 3.6DI!! Fast Fast Fast

03-30-13, 05:30 PM
3600 stall is perfect (these are custom built, not restalled OEM weak ones) You wont notice it when driving easy, but put your foot in it and it is unreal. Highway lockup like stock as well.

Jeremy, Will try to get you coming down ASAP.

AWD dyno will be here April 8 so yes, dyno tuned. DMCEDDoc can attest, the tune takes several days.

We dont have slots open until may (16 cars in right now) but call to schedule and make down payment to secure slot.

We need car app 2-3 weeks as we have to drive for 4-5 days to make sure no issues pop up...and delays happen beyond our control (3 techs out sick right now) off and on past 3 weeks and I am still fighting something for app 3 weeks now.



03-30-13, 05:45 PM
I love my supercharged AWD 3.6DI!! Fast Fast Fast

How's the mileage on the highway?

03-30-13, 06:43 PM
He cant drive it w/out WOT, but we have plenty others getting 25-28 mpg on the interstate at 70-75mph on cruise control.


04-25-13, 03:26 PM
I get 20-22 MPG highway driving @ 80 MPH.

I was producing 10# boost with my original crank pulley. It has since broken. I replaced it with the next largest pulley they make and it only produces 7# boost. SIGNIFICANTLY SLOWER!!!

I no longer am able to run with stock Mustangs and Camaros. My girl's tuned SHO makes my car look slow now. I'm going to have to purchase a smaller supercharger pulley to get back to where I was before the crank pulley snout broke.

07-15-13, 02:26 AM
The anticipation is almost unbearable, I cant wait with the cams now to see what she does on dyno.

07-28-13, 11:02 AM
I have a 2008 Cts RWD. 3.6L V6. I live in TX and its my primary transportation, so unfortuantly I cant send it off to get work on. But if i wanted to get the max amount of HP possible out of my little beauty, what parts do I need to buy and install? And what would be the ending HP estimate. I dont know much about cars so I would appreciate all the help I can get.

08-03-13, 04:31 PM
If you have the DI engine, get the iceolator ($150) , the cnc ported TB, and the catchcan and you will have a completely different animal!


08-03-13, 10:53 PM
Wow Tracy I'm literally counting down days till I get that car back so many are waiting as I am to go out for a ride.

08-09-13, 09:13 AM
Wow Tracy I'm literally counting down days till I get that car back so many are waiting as I am to go out for a ride.

Aren't we all

08-09-13, 07:58 PM
Why is the build taking so long? Is this a test car?

Make It Rain
08-09-13, 09:03 PM
No this is normal for RX. 6-8 months at their shop, and when they finally finish you need to take it to another shop so it can be fixed.

08-09-13, 09:13 PM
OHHH ok, I just wondering what they are waiting on to get the build finished. It seems like his car just been sitting in limbo.

08-14-13, 10:52 AM
We have several of these out on the road finished for the past 2 years plus....in fact the ONLY company doing them.....and the actual customers seem very happy with them. Rain, truth, and the other trolls you can easily see by clicking on their user name, posts, will see they are only trolls here with one intent...cause trouble.

Truth does not own a Cadillac, he is a troll that attempted to extort $10,000 from us threatening to do what he is doing if we would not pay $10k...we have it in the hands of the Manatee County prosecutors office.

Here is a sample of his family's past that he bragged about so all know:

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I figured since this is public record I would start putting this on all the forums you are slandering us on......it is fact of course, not the fiction you have posted....how does that sound?

08-14-13, 04:52 PM
I had already took possession of the car once before, the reason it's seems like its has taken so long is I
sent the vehicle back to RX for installation of cams. I should have in my driveway soon:yup:

08-15-13, 07:15 PM
Ok. Did you like the supercharge? What was the rpm range for full boost. I wouldn't mind going supercharged or turbo if there is someone that can tune for e85. I would hate to buy ms 105 and tune it for that. I wish Diablo would make a tune for these cars

08-23-13, 02:52 AM

09-11-13, 10:55 PM
Moderators should be able to delete the posts from trolls... get that crap outta here.

09-19-13, 06:32 PM
Would be nice for the mods to keep the site clean like it used to be.....

09-20-13, 10:26 AM
Or you can put them on your ignore list like I did! Easy fix!

09-20-13, 09:44 PM
Dyno was supposed to be installed in April......what's the #'s on this 4.1 forged motor you started this spring?. Looking at getting the wife a 2012 coupe in March for her birthday..

09-30-13, 07:28 PM
Anyone have any data on the reliability of the AWD system under these power levels? Or are there any upgrades to the drivetrain, transfer case, etc. that need to be done?

10-12-13, 04:54 AM
I'm waiting on vortech. They have my SC head at the moment

10-12-13, 09:36 AM
No car yet redj2o?

12-28-13, 12:10 AM
Still waiting on my car how bout it Tracy...........

02-23-14, 12:14 AM
Well I believe it's almost done."...

02-23-14, 10:30 AM
Well I believe it's almost done."...

Judging by your prior posts...6 months+ for the new cams???? Ouch.

03-08-14, 06:22 PM
There have been other issues with the vehicle which was unfortunate. But the car is less then two weeks from completion and I'm very excited. I will let the forum know how everything turns out.

03-29-14, 10:30 PM

05-08-14, 05:24 PM
Avg 28 MPG on the trip back to PA from FL, and spanked a SS Camaro bad!!!

07-13-14, 06:26 AM
Yes I have the lac back hehe