: 2012 SRX are DVD rear headrests available & how do they work?

01-23-13, 10:02 PM
Hello, just signed up and my first post (hopefully of many!).

I am in the process of buying a used 2012 SRX. Has all the options I want except no rear DVD on the headrests. Does anyone know if these can be ordered from Cadillac and be installed to work the same as if the car came with them factory installed? The reason I don't want an aftermarket set is because I want to be able to control what is playing in the back from the front. Is this how the setup would normally work from factory? I understand while your moving you can't view in the front which is fine, but would start it before starting the car or while in park. I have 2 young kids and just want to be able to start their movie without having to crawl in the back seat or use a remote with an aftermarket set. If anyone knows or has the entertainment package please let me know what you think.

01-24-13, 07:24 PM
I have the RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) package and it is all controlled through the head unit up front. The rear seat gets some buttons to change sources and volumes, and a remote for main control.
The after factory install you talk about in the headrests is not controlled by the head unit up front, nor can it be. I am unsure if they link together or are completely separate units either...

01-27-13, 11:19 AM
I have it in my 2010 and I can't imagine that it's something easily installed, it's built into the seat backs, linked into the head unit.

Cadillac Cust Svc
01-28-13, 01:43 PM
Welcome to the forum, chadurban! I recommend checking in with your Cadillac dealership if you have any questions regarding this type of potential installation. And I would also be happy to contact your dealer for you at any point! Please email me at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com for further assistance.


Cadillac Customer Service

01-28-13, 01:54 PM
the factory style DVD Headrest system is only available as a factory installed option. There are aftermarket solutions, but they usually go for around $1500 for just the kit (ie: labor not included)

01-28-13, 03:51 PM
look for a 2012 with the dual dvds my grandkids love it! you can listen to music in the front while they watch movies in the back with the wireless headphones on

02-03-13, 08:14 AM
Thanks for all the info, going to have to find an aftermarket set I guess. Something with a decent remote as I am getting tired of having to reach back or stand outside in the cold with the back door open, setting up the movie for my daughter (some of those DVD menu intros are long!). My current cheapo unit just doesn't cut it