: over heating,leaking water!!!

01-23-13, 03:50 PM
i have a 97 catera and the coolant is full of oil. i assume this is due to the radiator and oil cooler running together now.I can get around town till i replace it , but now the coolant is leaking out of the driver side somewhere along the exhaust manifold. please tell me its not a blown head gasket....the engine runs way too strong to have that big of leak in the gasket there... or is it just an anomaly? any suggestions? HELP!! i am trying to avoid the inevitable trip to the wrecking yard for retirement. the car has been too good to me to give up on it now.

01-23-13, 04:57 PM
it's the oil cooler and most likely the HCV. I wouldn't drive it around anymore. It'll just cause you more problems.

get it fixed as soon as possible...thanks.

02-09-13, 02:16 AM
...and while you have it apart to do the oil cooler, check, thoroughly, the head gaskets.