: ZZP vs FrozenBoost FMHE

01-21-13, 03:17 PM
I'm looking to add the additional heat exchanger as many have done on here. I see a few people with the frozenboost 101 and others with the ZZP unit.

The ZZP unit appears to be 2-pass according to the website, but from others I've seen on the internet, it looks like its a single pass. Reading the website, it can be ordered in either configuration.

Its dimensions are:
27 3/4" wide x 6 1/4" height x 2 1/16" thick

The Frozenboost certainly has both fittings on the same side, and is a 2-pass.

Its dimensions are:
26" wide x 7" height x 3.5" thick

All in all, will these perform equally, and will any difference even be worth considering?

Width Height Thick
ZZP 27.75 6.25 2.0
FB 26.00 7.00 3.5

01-21-13, 10:23 PM
With either one the big difference is the cooling aspect. Or should I say the time it takes to get from WOT to normal temps.

01-22-13, 08:42 AM
PGA, do you recommend the ports being on the same side for ease of install?

01-22-13, 09:49 AM
It does make it easier. It is a personal preference. I have the Flex-A-Lite 45321 (6 pass) that replaced the stock and added the Frozen Boost 101. Living in AZ I haven't had any issues in the summer heat. I usually run 20-30* above ambient for IAT2 temps but I can run back to back WOT runs within a minute of each other with the upgraded pump. The temps drop really fast and are back to normal within a minute.

01-22-13, 11:47 AM
Good to know. I'm going to just run the frozenboost unit for flexibility, and so I don't have that silly ZZP logo painted on there. (Also saves a few extra bucks) Thanks for the tips.