: 1995 Deville 4.9 randomly dies...

01-21-13, 02:59 AM
My 1995 Deville 4.9 keeps dying at random times... I usually drive with 2 feet because when I come to a stop it idles dow so low it dies so I keep a little pressure on the excellorator...sometimes it dies & starts right back up, & sometimes it dies and wont start for some hours & then starts right up like nothing happened... & sometimes when i start it, it drags like the battery is dead but then kicks in & starts up...I took it to the dealership & got a diagnostic... I did everything they told me... so far I have changed the Distributor, Distributor Cap & Rotor, New plugs & wires, New Idle speed control regulator, 02 sensors, catylytic convertor, cleaned the TB, new fuel pump, and fuel filter, TB positioning sensor, I believe thats all....Everytime I change something it runs great for a while & then it does it again

Im think about getting a new ECM...

01-21-13, 10:30 AM
I would have guessed the MAP sensor if I was going to throw parts at it. That sounds like the only thing not changed anyway. Does the SES light come on? It sounds like your ISC needs to be adjusted too along with an idle relearn. There are hundreds of threads here on adjusting the ISC and the idle relearn is in the owners manual.