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01-19-13, 04:33 PM
My 1999 Catera seems to be getting bad fuel mileage. I took it to my mechanic today and he said he can't find anything wrong. He suggested that I put in a can of Sea Foam and drive the car about 100 klms then the car should get better fuel mileage. I am nervous about putting this in my car. Has anyone ever tried this product before.


01-19-13, 05:17 PM
i been using seafoam all the time since i discover it!!!! grate product, saved my friend Subaru.
i put in my catera seafoam couple of times already, never had any problems
U have to do it on hot engine!
first u need to start the car, open the hood and disconnect air house that coming from brake booster, YES on running engine! dont freaked out, your car will start run crazy, idle will raise, but that's fine, brake booster air hose will suck air like crazy, u need to put slowly third of the bottle in the hose, just do it slowly, make it suck it buyit self, DONT freaked out, your engine will start to run rough and shake, will look like its gonna die on u, thats fine just dont stop, keep putting seafoam in the hose untilu get the third of the bottle in the hose. if engine stoped on u while u was putting seafoam in, that's fine, its mean u putting to fast, just restart engine like it is and keep putting seafoam in util u reach third of the bottle. as soon as u reach that amount run quick and shut of engine then put hose back, wait 10min, start engine and start to idle from 2000rmp to 3000rpm. u gonna see smoke star coming out from your exhaust pipe, keep idle utill it cleared out,
now half of the bottle u gonna put in your fuel tank on (half a tank of fuel)
now just fourth part of bottle left, open your oil cap then put there the rest of the bottle
AFTER 100 Miles u need to change your oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for any miss spell, im at work, was typing fast....

01-19-13, 05:25 PM
what does sea-foam do? whats it's for?

Thank You

01-19-13, 07:18 PM
In brake brake booster - is most to clean your catalyst converts.
In fuel. In most will clean your injector and valve.
In oil it will brake down gunk. Like around your valve seals and more.
If its not gonna help. Trust me its not gonna hurt.


If u never replaced your fuel filter . U need. Plus check your air filter. AND I would clean mass air flow sensor with special cleaner. It's help.

01-19-13, 08:15 PM
So basically your saying it just a cleaner, injector/oil flush/gas treatment, all in one

01-20-13, 01:23 AM
yes it is. really cool stuff, but whats really help is cleaning your catalyst, but i would do everything!

01-20-13, 09:26 PM
Thanks for the information. My mechanic told me to put it in the gas tank but to make sure that the tank was full and then take it out on the highway and drive it for 75 to 100 kilometers. Again I have never used a product like this so I am a little leery about trying it. But feel better now knowing that others have used it.


01-20-13, 09:53 PM
Use the Seafoam to clean your paint brushes and Google "chevron techron".

(Buy Seafoam - lots of it. I get a kickback on every bottle that I push.)

01-21-13, 12:37 AM
SeaFoam is almost as good as Duck Butter.