: Pulling the trunk liner

01-19-13, 01:28 PM
Hi all,

I'm about to swap out a cracked d/s tail light and was wondering - before I break any clips - where to start when removing the trunk liner. At the top or do I need to remove the hard plastic strip that goes across the bottom of the opening first? I've done the lid before but not the bodyside liner.

For your amusement, the dealer's part quote in Cdn was $615, fully 1/3 more than US list. Yeah, no thanks; eBay is your friend....


01-19-13, 01:59 PM
There are no push-in retainers like the ones for the trunk lid liner. You will need to remove the black panel across the trunk opening but you may find it easier if you remove the spare tire cover first. This is only held in place by Velcro toward the end closest to the passenger compartment. Just pull up and out of the car. Once this is clear, remove the plastic trim panel by starting at one end and lifting upward. There are only four clips that snap into the body and no release tabs you need to find. You'll want to remove the LH side trim as well. In order to do this, unscrew the fasteners the net attaches to on that side. You should be able to pull this out of the way.