: Wheel Pics with all specs and every offset detail

Char T A
01-18-13, 09:43 PM
The most frustrating thing is finding the pic of a perferct fitment and you can't get your hands on the offset, wheel width or tire sizes. After spending the last 2 decades digging this stuff up through months of forum searches I had a dream :) What if we help the forum world and create a single site with just pics of custom wheels and all the juicy specs and make it completely searchable via key wheel, car, suspension and drive filters. BOOOMMMM www.customoffsets.com. Come check it out and help grow the cause by adding your Vs!

I build this for you guys but I need your help bringing it to life.

We even made it so you can log in and post via facebook. Get out there and check us out! Please share any thoughts or feedback / ways to improve.

We are also in the process of adding all stock generations and offset specs and photos to help out with those questions.