: Another Newbie Joins the Fold!

01-18-13, 11:53 AM
Hi all,

NOTE: The following was posted a couple days ago on another CTSV site and so if, like me, you might also be a member there you might have read/responded to this already. My apologies for the duplication but I'm kinda stoked about my new (old?) 'V' and want to avail myself of every bit of information and advice I can get, and from where ever! I'm posting it here in 'general' because I didn't see a specific place for new introductions. Sorry if I missed that.

I finally found a super clean, unmodified/unmolested V and picked it up last week for use as my everyday daily driver. She's a beautiful silver over light neutral '04 with 48k miles in pristine condition. I've been a car enthusiast for 50 of my 58 years and had been driving all manner of German iron now for over twelve years, but that's likely to be over now. Actually the high maintenance and repair cost of German iron (3 Bimmers, 5 Audis, 1 Benz) had finally broken me and I had succumbed, in a fit of emotional distress, to buying an Infiniti G35x two years ago. Filled with technology and unexpectedly fast (in a straight line anyway) it didn't really offer everyday driving enjoyment and my eyes went wanderin'. I've been wondering about the V's since they came out but didn't really believe that Detroit (and certainly not Cadillac) would ever be capable of ever building anything I'd really like. Well, one decent drive in this V settled all that. Only a week prior had I test driven a clean '03 M5 but this V absolutely had me at hello! I know I'm preaching to the choir here but GM's idea of blending old-school (but modernized) pushrod V8 muscle with a modern, stylish and refined chassis absolutely hits it on the mark for those of us who grew up with all those cars in the 60's and 70's.
It's only been one week now but I absolutely LOVE this car, how it corners, how it rides, how it rockets forward under the slightest provocation and especially how it sounds when you step into it a bit. And since GM has shoved a modernized muscle car drivetrain into a stylish sedan, it keeps this manufacturing executive from looking like he's having his mid-life crisis by driving a pony-car or worse yet, the holy grail of mid-life crisis cars, the Corvette itself. I can't imagine wanting anything else. What else can top this, especially for the short money needed to get one of these early V's?
Now then other forum members, what can I expect going forward? I will tell you that while I enjoy driving these kinds of cars I remain a faithful follower of my Dad's early advice: 'respect machinery' and 'don't abuse it', were the watchwords of that crusty old tool and die maker. In fact, I decided on this particular 'like-new' first-year V despite all the internet tales of rear diff failures because I'm certain my driving style won't precipitate any sort of hard use or abusive failures. The motorheads at work tell me I 'baby' my cars and they're probably right. So then, are these cars reliable if treated well? It looks like a Brembo brake job, when one comes due, is gonna hurt like an M5. Any other gremlins lurking in the weeds? I was disappointed to find that my CD changer doesn't work and so it's got to go back to the dealer to get that made right (I bought a warranty 'just in case'!).
Anyway, glad to be aboard. This looks like a really good forum with lots of members and postings so I'm looking forward to learning everything I can about this car from you members!! :D

01-18-13, 12:02 PM
Welcome! Glad you're enjoying the car! My advice... drive it how you like and replace the parts you break with bigger/better... there are many aftermarket options to choose from. I've got a pretty much bullet proof V now after going through some of the inappropriate parts

01-18-13, 05:45 PM
Welcome :)

01-18-13, 08:00 PM
Congrats and welcome from the darkside!

If you drive it like any normal car, it'll go 200k miles before needing anything resembling major. Besides fluids and tires and brakes, you might (might!) need a clutch at 150k based on your father's very sage advice. Darn motor is bulletproof, and the diff will last a million years without you inducing wheelhop upon takeoff and again just normal driving.

01-18-13, 10:43 PM
What kind of audis? i have an 04 s4 and I'm looking into getting into a v1. If you've had a b6/b7 s4 in the past would you mind comparing the V1 you're in now and the s4?

01-19-13, 04:37 AM
So then, are these cars reliable if treated well? It looks like a Brembo brake job, when one comes due, is gonna hurt like an M5. Any other gremlins lurking in the weeds?

I bought mine with 31K miles and I have been very happy with it now with nearly 60K. Mine does not get treated particularly well, I use it as a daily driver, I use it in the winter, I use it to bring stuff home from Ikea, I take it on long trips, I consistently drive it in excess of 100 mph, I love to take it to the Nürburgring and thrash it around the track, etc. Of course, I do all the necessary maintenance, but it's hardly babied. I regularly shift at or near redline and I like to get the back end out when I can. The car has held up well.

Brakes aren't too bad, I think a new set of pads and rotors for the front was about $300. You'll spend a lot more replacing struts and tires. Expect to replace the radio buttons, maybe fix the rear sail panel which is likely to come loose, struts, motor mounts (all mounts, really), clutch position sensor...mostly small things that are usually cheap and easy to fix. If you take it easy on your differential it should last you.

You'll also want to replace the shifter with something aftermarket (the stock shifter is absolutely awful), and do something to eliminate CAGS.

01-19-13, 11:12 AM
Welcome to the click!!!! Fun cars and its even better its a daily driver!! Have fun!

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V for victory
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102735 Welcome to the Club!!!!! I love my 07 and plan to keep it forever.....