: Anyone need a K-134 Module?

01-18-13, 10:58 AM
I inadvertently ordered 2 x K-134 Modules a couple weeks ago, one from GMPartsDirect & one from RockAuto. Got one yesterday & one today. It is GM part # 90 494 163, fits '97 - '01 Cateras. Needless to say, I just need one, so before I send the one back to RockAuto, thought I would save a member a couple bucks. It is unopened in the box still (But I will open it to verify the correct part!) It cost $63.67 with shipping & took 2 weeks to get. I'll sell it for $60.00 shipped. (Will get there faster than GMPD or RA!) If no one wants it by Tuesday, I'll send it back. PayPal or MO accepted. EDIT: I formatted this properly, don't know why sentence structure is FUBARed!

01-25-13, 04:13 PM
Edit: SOLD!