: Bluetooth Phone in a 06 STS

01-17-13, 02:05 PM
This is for those who have had the NAV Upgrade (Only).
Pair the phone to the car, the best you can.
Once it is paired. hit Config,Press the second Icon down,
on the left which is the Bluetooth Icon.
Your phone should be on the list, press connect,
If more than one phone is on the list, press Icon next
to phone you want to connect Car to. Press "Connect"
on the right side, and wait..for "CONNECTED"
when connected, the bluetooth icon will appear in the
center of the Icon, next to your phone ID. Works GREAT !
It Probably will stay connected until you turn the car Off .
It is built this way, in case, and more likely,
Driver 2 has a different phone.Yes, you have to do this
every time you enter , and start the car.
If you have done this many times, it becomes second nature.
I haven't figured out HOW to dial using the car,YET !
There IS a list you can have on the screen, etc.I am sure you
just press the Icon next to the person you are calling, and it will !
So , Use the phone to setup the person on the phone screen and
Do NOT press (send) on the phone. instead,
Press the same switch you press to
command the radio. on the left side, the inner , upper steering wheel switch.
Press this to answer a call, or hang up.
Their voice comes in on the radio speakers, and the mic picks up
under the center of the Rear view mirror.
It Auto mutes the radio, AND does NOT use ONSTAR.
Happy Motoring :cool2::cool2::cool2:

01-17-13, 06:40 PM
Press the button marked "Default" and then you won't have to do anything when you enter the car. When a default phone is designated, it is underlined in the list.

01-17-13, 08:31 PM
Program your frequently called numbers & record the nametags! It's one of the few VR functions that really works!

I think 2008 & up do use the Onstar module for Bluetooth.

01-18-13, 03:29 PM
Program your frequently called numbers & record the nametags! It's one of the few VR functions that really works!

I think 2008 & up do use the Onstar module for Bluetooth.

not with my 2005

sometimes it works...and the other 80% of the time it does not.....so I dont use it

The phone will pair with the bluetooth for a while...then it will mysteriously "unpair"

after doing that exercise a few times I gave up

another reason the car was a "great value" in the mid luxury used car market

01-18-13, 08:02 PM

I assume you have the firmware upgrade; I rarely have issues using my old Samsung & LG (Verizon) phones but my wife frequently has connectivity issues with her newer LG. What kind of phone do you have?

I guess it's another one of those YMMV!

01-20-13, 11:09 AM
My sisters 5series recognizes the phone when you enter the car (no need to sync or hit connect). My 06 will want you to connect the phone again (its already synced)! I stopped using it

01-20-13, 04:08 PM
My iPhone 4 connects fine every time so long as I push button start the car. When remote starting its about a 50/50 shot if it connects. If it doesn't I turn on my lock pick sync it up and go about my way. The Bluetooth in the 2013 CTS sport I had last week sucked. ATS/XTS cue Bluetooth is vastly superior though.

01-20-13, 06:00 PM
My iPhone4 behaves exactly like 1BadCad's does.

01-20-13, 07:55 PM
The Bluetooth works pretty good in my car. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note II. To the OP, the dial the phone using the screen, press the "AUX" button when the phone has been connected. You will get a dial pad on the screen. And as was mentioned, make sure to make you phone the default and it will connect automatically when you start the car.