: Relocating rear end vent tube

06 STS Rob
01-16-13, 06:26 PM
Hey members, I took my "new to me" 08 V in for the passenger side mirror to be fixted (a part of the due bill at purchase) because of a bad shake at freeway speeds. I also asked them to inspect the rearend because of signs of leaking...
The mirror is being replaced, I'm hoping the paint will match propperly... and the service department told me that the rearend is in fact leaking and the vent tube is being relocated. Has anyone had this come up? I only said something about it leaking because I've read that this is common and I wanted it to be addressed while still under factory warranty. I haven't heard of the vent tube being part of the solution.

Any thoughts?

01-16-13, 11:54 PM
It's the pinion seal that is the problem. I've had my diff out and don't remember a vent tube.

06 STS Rob
01-17-13, 09:23 AM
I should be getting her back on Saturday, I will get underneath and see what they did and update.

Cadillac Cust Svc
01-17-13, 01:40 PM
I look forward to your updates, 06 STS Rob! If you have any lingering concerns along the way, please feel free to email me at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com. I'm happy to contact your dealer at any point to follow up on your behalf!


Cadillac Customer Service

06 STS Rob
01-21-13, 06:08 PM
Got a call Friday afternoon that my mirror isn't back from paint so the car won't be ready until Monday. I called today just to find out that the mirror is being installed and they are going to be addressing the rear end today. "should be" ready tomorrow.

Katie, I'm not at the upset point yet, but Rancho Motor Group in Victorville CA is where my car is. I will let you know if there are any concerns that they will not address. Thank you,

06 STS Rob
01-22-13, 08:54 PM
Picked up my girl today and here's what I found...
Relocate rear diff vent: F9706 install rear differential hose and vent 2682WG294
1 19132947 Vent
2 25518880 Nut
2 12337820 Strap
1 88900401 Lubricant
1 9439238 F-Hose
FC: 6061
Part #19132947
Bulletin # 07-04-20-001A

Once I got her home, I jacked up the rear of the car and took a look. There was in fact oil that was coming from the top of the diff and had leaked down to the undercarriage of the car. I can see the hose that was placed over the top of the rear end. I cleaned up any signs of leaking and will take a look again in a few days.

02-01-13, 12:55 AM
I've never seen a differential leak oil from the vent tube before... You might want to ck the diff oil level... It should be even with the side fill plug. Does your car have a diff oil cooler installed?