View Full Version : anyone out there with an old school phone hookup?

01-16-13, 12:43 AM
So my 99 Deville D'elegance has a little box with what appears to be a phone jack and an Ethernet port attached to the front arm rest near the rear. I also have what appears to be a microphone attached to the "overhead console", a strange connection point near my OBD II port, the steering wheel controls, and my instrument cluster says no phone data when I hit the information button enough times.

Is this typical for a Cadillac of this vintage or is it something aftermarket? I ran my RPO codes from my spare tire and it mentioned nothing about phone.

I'll post pics when daylight time permits.

01-17-13, 09:31 AM
Appears that your Cadillac had the fairly rare cell phone option and you are missing the headset.
No aftermarket integration will be able to tap into the IPC to get the "No cell phone data" message.
Your left top steering wheel control button should show a phone symbol on it rather than the fan symbol.
You can disable the cell phone option and switch the function of this steering wheel button from cell phone to fan speed control. You can replace the steering wheel controls with the (far more common) ones having the fan symbol (electrically there is no difference other than the symbol).
This is done in the IPC overrides by deducting 16 from the IPS03 Option C. Probably your value was set from factory to 241, deducting 16 will give you 225 (your original value may vary depending on the options).
You can check your RPO sticker or just list here your VIN and we can tell you for sure.

01-20-13, 10:59 PM
I'll toss the vin up tomorrow however, I have decoded the VIN and the RPO codes and saw nothing mentioning the phone option. How do I access the IPC overrides; this is something I've never heard of.

07-17-13, 10:07 PM
My 97 eldorado came with the phone option inside the arm rest. It looks kinda clunky and obsolete. I never tried it to see if it works. I wonder if you have to subscribe to a service to make it even work, either way i got it all saved in case I sell the car down the road and the new owner wants to try it.