View Full Version : Would like to purchase a hand held tuner for performance gains

01-15-13, 12:54 PM
The 05 V is purchased a few months ago (1,945 miles) has 2 bolt on performance mods. A K&N cold air kit and
Corsa exhaust. Will I experience an power gains with a hand held tuner. My man concern is that the tuner
would be set up for stock intake and exhaust and not take into account the modest intake and exhaust flow gains
with the 2 mods.

I have thrown a light. It came on during the drive home from purchasing the car. Like to take care of that too.


01-15-13, 01:22 PM
I would not use a hand-held tuner because my experience with them on other applications has been dismal; and the ones I have seen cost more than a mail-order tune (inclusive a spare ECU) and only a little less than a real hands-on tune.

The best option is the hands-on tune from a good tuner. It will give you both horsepower and improved fuel economy. The second option is a mail-order tuner, which can be tailored to your exsiting modifications.

01-15-13, 01:57 PM
I've got a Diablo Sport Tuner that's been tuned to my previous set up by HP Ranch, which is nearly identical to your setup: K&N Intake, Cats, Exhaust, and stock everything else.

Diablo Sport PN U7193

It's unmarried.

email me if your interested. rockstarparts (at) gmail.com