: Wheels and Pics new website

Char T A
01-14-13, 10:26 PM
So after putting rims on everything I have owned since 16, I have spent the last 17 years trying to hunt down offsets and get just the right look. Forums rock and I have been on this forum forever but I wanted to be able to very quickly filter pics of cars with custom wheels. So I set off 3 weeks ago to create a totally free site and used some of your cars, if they had all the specs, to create a prototype of my idea. -don't worry I added a link back to this forum;)

It would be awesome and I think we would all greatly benefit if you guys and gals would be willing to add your pics and specs, check it out http://www.customoffsets.com

I am extremely excited about the site and would love to hear your feedback and ideas to make it even better!

01-15-13, 11:12 AM
Looks good, Char T A. Lots of work, but, alas, no Wagons.

Char T A
01-15-13, 11:17 AM
That's why I need everyone's help!! It would be huge if everyone added their setup. It would be totally searchable. It's all set PLEASE ADD!

01-15-13, 12:27 PM
Not sure how much it will help seeing its not has "luxurious" and a different style car but the VW and audi world will have a ton of offset pics to offer. Cool site though

Char T A
01-15-13, 12:36 PM
We are ready for them too! We have every make and model ready to allow anyone to load their Offsets. Tell others if you are on other forums. Just picture it, a one stop shop no matter your new ride's make or model and in seconds filter down to a pic of a setup you always wanted and seeing the exact specs you need right there! best of all, ask a question or like it via Facebook right below the pic.

I NEED EVERYONE'S HELP THOUGH. This is that project that if everyone says, "i will post mine later" we never build it. We did all the hard work of infastructure and web build we need you guys to fill up the gallery!! If if you load yours just so you remember all your specs 6 months from now, DO IT!!

01-15-13, 01:28 PM
Right now I am looking at Vossen and Morr.

Knowing me, I'll end up with something cheaper.

Char T A
01-15-13, 01:41 PM
I always went cheaper and would rather sell my car than my Vossens!! I love them. Mine is the 2009 black CtS w graphite Vossens on www.customoffsets.com.

Char T A
01-16-13, 08:47 PM
Just an update, in our gallery you can now like and comment using your facebook account, no need to create an account with us. See a ride you like, simply like it and all your facebook friends will see it as well.

Keep the ideas coming.

And go add your cars :)

Char T A
01-26-13, 11:48 AM
Ladies and Gentleman. I can see from my google analytics that you are coming out and checking out our gallery... I know we all love looking at cars and especially custom wheels. How can we improve our site to get more of you to add your CTSs with custom wheels?
We have now added FB interface so all comments and pics go to our FB page. (like us at www.facebook.com/customoffsets )
We sort the gallery by Views and will be featuring the top FB likes photo on our home page to give the owner recognition.
We added stock offsets so you never have to hunt those down again, with pictures.
Oh, and I am giving away $50. Everyone that enters a vehicle between now and 150 vehicles in our gallery will be entered and 1 person will walk with $50. Does that help?
And it's all free for everyone www.customoffsets.com

Char T A
01-28-13, 11:36 PM

Got some sweet new cards to hand out in parking lots, parking garages and some car shows when I head to Florida next week!! :D

Char T A
01-28-13, 11:37 PM

Got some sweet new cards to hand out in parking lots, parking garages and some car shows when I head to Florida next week!! :D

01-29-13, 08:44 AM
Where ya headed?

Char T A
01-29-13, 09:24 AM
Clearwater Feb 8th-17th know of any shows during that time or sites that have show dates?

01-29-13, 09:36 AM
Not off the top of my head. I know pretty much everything over here in NE Florida, not in the Tampa/Clearwater area.

Char T A
02-03-13, 12:32 AM
Got our new banner for the site. Had to use the CTS as THE shadow car. What do you guys/gals think?

03-29-13, 09:02 PM
Love it!