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01-14-13, 06:45 AM
Hi...has anybody tried to fit 275/40/19 or 265/40/19 offset 42 rims n tires on the
Front axel of a 2011 cts Awd sports sedan?? Is it at all possible?? Give me the
Green light and I"ll do it!!!

01-16-13, 06:13 AM
Really? Nobody's interested how wide you can go on the front axel.......or nobody knows that much to
Answer this question??pretty disappointed.......

C "T" ess
01-21-13, 12:47 PM
Remember that while adding to the width of the tire the offset must remain the same as stock specifications. An off set greater than stock will place undue wear on the wheel bearings. Also, you need to keep in mind that with all wheel drive it is not advisable to have a difference in the size of the front to rear tires. To stagger the sizes would put unequal pressure on the transfer case.

01-27-13, 01:40 PM
Thanks for the reply! I guess my English isn't as good as I thought it was.... I wasn't planning on going
staggered..My question was what is the maximum tire width on a 19'' rim that you can fit on the front axel without rubbing the fender..is 275/40/19 possible?? Because I'll use the same size for the rear axel..My
Factory rims are 18" with 235/50 tires..coud you tell me the factory offset on this set? Thanks again!!!