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01-13-13, 07:12 PM
I have a 2005 (LS6) 383 stroker motor with an RPM level V trans. The clutch that was in it was a textralia. It started to slip so we replaced the disc that was pretty much shot. There was no glazing of the flywheel. The clutch feels like it engages at the very top of the pedal. I understand this is a hydraulic clutch and I do not know of any way to adjust the pedal. Is there a spacer that is supposed to be installed for this? If so, it was not installed prior to me changing it. I broke in the clutch for 500 miles with very easy driving. It is starting to slip again in higher gears with a good load on it. I think it is due to the pedal being so high and not engaging all the way.Thoughts?

01-14-13, 11:16 PM
Not familiar with that clutch, but from your description it sounds like you're on the right track. I wouldn't imagine you are exceeding the holding limits of the clutch (but not sure what it's rated at). If engagement is at the top of pedal travel, that tells me there is little to no "free travel" in the slave/TOB. Hence the TOB does not need to move far at all to relieve the pressure on the clutch disk. Did you happen to measure the TOB/Slave free travel before install? If there isn't any free travel then the TOB will constantly be putting pressure on the pressure plate fingers and relieve pressure from the clutch disc allowing it to possibly slip/not engage fully (also heat and premature wear).
The only way to adjust this would be to remove shims from behind the slave/TOB or use a different slave. Since you said there were no shims then it may be more difficult. I would try contacting the clutch manufacturer to get their input.

01-15-13, 06:53 AM