: Question on removing emblems..

01-13-13, 01:04 PM
This is now my third cts (silver 2003 3.6, silver 2005 V1, Black 2005 Maggied V [current])

On both my silver cts's when removing my emblems i always had a ghost looking smudge behind them, which i buffed out constantly with wax but always reappeared within a few days. my fear is that with my black the smudges will be even MORE noticeable, do you guys have any ideas on emblem removal/buffing solutions that permanantly fix my ghost issue?

i am new to the threads and know there are other threads on the subject, but none that answer my question directly.

Thanks! :D

01-13-13, 04:37 PM
I didnt have any ghosting issues removing my emblems on my black 04, I use Malms ultra-fine polish along with their carnauba wax, its spendy but well worth the price and will last longer than most waxes from the auto parts store, the polish will take off anything left from removing the emblems without digging into the paint, also works great for fine swirl marks and the wax is awesome. http://www.malms.com/products.html , my dad hooked me on this stuff years ago with his corvettes but thats just my experience

01-13-13, 04:58 PM

01-13-13, 05:32 PM
use it sparingly, read up on their website too, lots of good info, both the wax and polish will last a long time and it doesnt take much to do a car. The polish will work great on the area around the emblem along with the rest of your car if need be, use make sure to get a good wax on it after using the polish