: Holman Cadillac - Mount Laurel, NJ

Ghost Deany
01-11-13, 12:38 AM
:2thumbs: Excellent Service. Service dept. goes above and beyond to take care of the issue.

01-28-13, 11:24 AM
Nothing but great things to say about Holman Cadillac in Mount Laurel from me so far with my Cadillac Experience.

Bought my CTS from them last November around Turkey Day after my G5 GT got flooded during Hurricane Sandy in October.

With all of the flooded cars in New Jersey I found that none of the dealers in Jersey that I checked out cars at were even willing to do any dealing or price negotiations.
Some dealers even tried to scam me in to deposits to hold cars that I would be going to look at a few hours after finding them..
So I went farther in my Search to down in South Jersey.

Found the CTS I wanted in Holman Cadillac's Inventory, did the email thing, got a call from a sales women and she held the CTS I was inquiring about for free so that I could get down there the next day to look at it.
She had the CTS detailed and waiting out front when I arrived to look at it and test drive it..
They were easy to haggle with pricing..

After signing all the paper work and the sale was complete the sales women presented me with 2 fancy Holman Cadillac key chains in gift boxes..
Then she accompanied me out to my car, sat in the passenger seat and then programmed my Blue tooth to my phone, Voice recognition features to my voice, Nav, Activated my Onstar & Xm radio for me, Seat, Steering wheel and mirror settings, Then answered and showed me how to work anything else I had a question about regarding everything inside of the car.
I literally left there with nothing to do to the CTS other than read the owners manual just for personal security..

Found an issue with the paint on the rear quarter panel prior to signing papers and they were more than willing to put it on paper to guarantee a fix for it.
Found another nit pick issue with the drivers side door black out tape/ Trim.

Called and scheduled my appointment for the paint to be fixed and a warning to service assistant about my other gripe.
They secured and held a 2012 CTS loaner car for me to drive while repairs were being made.
No arguing to get my nit pick fixed they just said we will get that taken care of for you.
Total repair time took 7 days dropped it off on Friday and picked it up on the following Friday.

During that time the service assistant kept in touch with me and called me daily on the progress of my CTS. Imagine that No calling the dealer to find out what is going on they actually call you and call you daily LOL

The repairs made on my CTS were more than satisfactory..

They are 83 miles away from where I live and with 2 years left on my free Cadillac maintenance plan I am just going to go down there and continue the relationship with them and to be serviced by them as long as I continue to get the same great service that they have already provided me..

Cadillac Cust Svc
01-30-13, 02:14 PM
Glad to here this, Ghost & CTSCHICK! I'll document your Holman comments where many GM departments can view your feedback.

Many thanks for sharing,

Cadillac Customer Service

08-07-13, 11:02 AM
Oh fantastic! I've been CTS shopping and they have really good prices there although quite a drive for me. I've been talking with Nancy, their internet leads manager and she's been really friendly and helpful so far.

11-12-13, 07:07 AM
Oh fantastic! I've been CTS shopping and they have really good prices there although quite a drive for me. I've been talking with Nancy, their internet leads manager and she's been really friendly and helpful so far.

I was going to trade in my CTS above for an ATS at Holman, I talked to Nancy about my intentions and told her I wanted a price for my CTS and a price of an ATS.
I made sure to make it clear my intentions was 100% already made up and I was ready to deal.
After 7-10 days and not hearing back from her I called the dealership and requested some one else to handle the deal since Nancy seemed to be to busy to get back to me.
To which it only took the newly requested sales person 20 minutes over the phone to go over a potential deal and numbers.
The next day Nancy actually had the nerve to send me a rude email because of my request for some one else to deal with because of her failure to get back to me.

Between that and my past drama right around the same time with them damaging parts of my CTS, not fixing it properly or them even putting the car back together properly or completely for the same repairs multiple times.
Which is documented in this thread.


I will never deal with that place again or recommend them for anything.

That CTS was rear ended and totaled a few weeks after all of the drama was finally resolved and I ended up getting a new 2013 ATS and I didn't get it from Holman