View Full Version : 06 sts wont start?

01-10-13, 06:33 PM
Alright I have a 06 sts awd .. 3.6 ..105,000 . Got the car on a trade 100,000 miles ...ran good had a little shutter sometimes when getting on it ... check engine light would flash then go off ... last week it wouldn't start the first time when trying to restart it leaving the gas station .. then the check engine came on when I got on it leaving the work one day, but still ran fine ...parked it to go to dinner got back in it and wouldn't start cranks and sometimes sputters but will not start .. it had a little tick sound in the front of the engine but I didn't think it was the timing chain... thought maybe tensioner ...it toils tick nothing for second or two then tick tick.. anyway I had it towed to my garage and here it sits ...any ideas where to start .. any help would be much appreciated!

01-10-13, 07:04 PM
If the SES light flashes when accelerating it's signaling a misfire. The fact that it happens then leads me to the timing chain...and the fact that it's a 3.6....

But I would check the coils/plugs if they haven't been serviced to your knowledge yet, before jumping to the worst case scenario.

Too bad it isn't a 2007....They got extended coverage on their chains.

01-11-13, 04:43 PM
My 06 wouldn't start just kept turning over, all it needed was a tune up, got that done and it fixed the prob

01-12-13, 10:44 AM
Two years ago my 2005 V6 STS at 58,000~ miles started giving symptoms as what you explained. Bucking/sputter on acceleration & flashing SES light (especially with load or passengers) but it would always start on first crank for me. I was out of warrantee so I took it to a friend's garage where the diagnostic tool said there was a misfire on cylinder 2 & 6 (definitely on 2, 6 wasn't reporting a full code <--< what he said). He replaced all 6 spark plug and the injectors on 2 & 6. The car has been running perfect since. Be careful if you do get it to start again before kicking that pedal, it's reported that you could damage the catalytic converter on the STS if you keep running on a misfire signal. Good luck.

01-14-13, 09:30 PM
Ok so I took it apart ...checked the coils had a bad coil pack ..replaced that along with all new plugs ...no valves are bent .... it is getting fuel not sure if the pressure is correct...tried to start it ...it almost started on the first try ..spit and sputtered then just cranked and nothing ..tried starting fluid ..nothing ... got a code reader and I am throwing a throttle position sensor code ...should I try a new crank sensor and I've heard purge valves go bad and can cause this ....the bad thing is the original codes it was showing went away because the battery died...

01-15-13, 11:43 PM
Check for codes now?

01-18-13, 11:05 PM
Everyone here can post what happened when theyre car kinda acted like that.

To get to the real probelm you need to see what kind of codes it is throwing. Even if the CEL light goes back off when you let off the gas you should still be able to see any codes under pending codes or something. My scanner has that.

Only then can you start to figure it out.

And just to show you what I mean. My car did the same thing and it was a coil. The scanner tool said cyl 3 misfire and when I put a coil in it it stopped. So yea could be anything. The first and best place to start is seeing what code(s) are making your CEL light come on.