: 82 eldorado

01-10-13, 05:38 AM
Can anyone give A median price for a set of rear disc brake calipers..should I go reman. And stay away from used set...and well ,where is the emergency brake release?

01-11-13, 08:10 PM
Go reman. Order "loaded" calipers. Loaded means "comes with pads" The manual release is to the right of the parking brake pedal, hidden under the dash. Be careful releasing it, the pedal will hit your hard hard as it releases!. If working correctly the parking brake releases as you put the car in reverse or drive after starting. The manual release is there to release without the car running. Try www.rockauto.com for calipers or your local auto parts store.


And again, put the year and type of car you own in your profile signature not as a thread subject. The thread subject should say something like SHOULD I BUY USED REAR CALIPERS?