View Full Version : Gear selector interior lights next to Shifter dont light up?

01-09-13, 10:46 AM
Hi folks! 2012 CTS4 AWD,auto, noticed that on the gear console, where the P,R,N,D letters are marked on the side of the stick, they do not light up? Only the instrument panel tells you where the gear is. Are the letters supposed to light up or just
during the day you can see the white on black letters?

01-09-13, 11:12 AM
Should be a pinhole lamp in the overhead between the 2 reading lights which shines down and illuminates the shifter area when your headlights are on.....check it out in the dark....

C "T" ess
01-09-13, 12:21 PM
The gear selector does not light up. A forum member took his apart and found that there are provisions to light it up. He gave a detailed account about how he did it. try the search function and you should be able to find it.