: Misfire - 2001 Deville

01-08-13, 08:42 PM
I am having troubles with my 01 deville. It has a misfire on cylinder 6. I switched out the cassette, replaced the spark plug and boot, and I just checked the fpr at idle and its not leaking any gas. Any suggestions?

01-08-13, 09:07 PM
I started a new thread for you.

When was your TB last cleaned? Have you pulled the DTC's?

01-08-13, 09:33 PM
Thanks for starting a new thread, I cleaned the throttle body a year ago. I just hooked a scanner up to the car and it said I had a misfire in cylinder 6. I didn't pull the dtc's off of the car itself. It started acting up a couple of weeks ago when it got really cold in the teens.

01-08-13, 09:54 PM
You might use the onboard diagnostics and see what you come up with. Then we can go from there.

01-09-13, 12:47 AM
What spark plug brand did you use? Did you replace the "contact spring" inside the spark plug boot?

01-09-13, 05:35 PM
My on board diagnostics are:
IPM B0429 Current
PCM P0300 History
PCM P1359 History Ignition Coil Group 1 Control Circuit
PCM P1360 History Ignition Coil Group 2 Control Circuit

I switched out the cassette on the front of the engine with one that I got from the junkyard with very low miles that was in an accident. It was out of a 2003 base deville with the same part number. My oil and coolant level is normal. I used Ac delco plug and I did replace the contract spring too.

01-09-13, 05:42 PM
P 1359/60 - Coil Group 1 & 2 control circuits. Points to either 2 bad ICM's (in the coil L legs)(not likely) or a missing signal in the PCM. Did your car have a GM recall to do a re-program for a "loss of ignition signal to PCM" ? You already went into the P 0300 - misfire detection.

Ask Chris in parts at Rippy Cadillac over there >>>>>

Or someone with a 2001 Seville/Deville Alldata subscription might be able to find out...........

The B 0429 refers to the air blend door to the rear seat console vent controls.

01-09-13, 09:07 PM
Help us help you and always post the code definitions along with the codes. No one has them memorized. Use the OBDII link in the DTC Sticky if you need help finding them.

01-13-13, 05:30 PM
I called the local gm dealership and they didn't know of any recalls for the reprogramming for the loss of ignition signal to PCM. What is the difference between using the onboard diagnostics compared to a scan tool. I used both but when I used the scan tool it told me the misfire was in cylinder #6. I was just curious. I am still getting the check engine light blinking at me, I am just waiting on a new fuel injector. When I do the fuel injector I am also going to clean the plenum, install a new intake coupling and intake manifold gaskets. Hopefully that will fix this misfire.

01-13-13, 06:01 PM
The onboard diagnostics will not indicate the cylinder number for a miss.

The recall for loss of PCM ignition signal was #03005 of 03/01/2003. It specifically includes the 2002 - 2003 Deville. Looks like you're out of luck - I had thought it was for the 2000 and later engines.

Those are the last 8 characters in the VIN.

01-13-13, 07:06 PM
Thanks Sub, for looking into that more for me. I appreciate all of the suggestions.