: Digital instrument panel troubles

01-08-13, 08:48 PM
I have a '91 El Dorado. on a recent trip my digital speedometer panel went out, now I have no speed, gas gauge or mileage. At dark with the headlights on the speedo comes on very, very dim. I've checked the fuse panel, all are good. The manual says there is another next to the instrument panel but shows no further location or picture. Any Idea how to get it lit back up of how to find the other fuses?

01-11-13, 08:47 PM
This car used a module about the size of a pack of cigarettes mounted vertically above the gas pedal on a bracket retained by 2 10mm nuts. Called a central power supply. That module provided the dash illumination. There were at least 2 updates to these because the solder connections would crack over the years. Remove it and let it dangle by the harness plugged into it. Start the car and slap the module with your hand. If the cluster lights up at all, replace it. If I recall the decal on it says CENTRAL POWER SUPPLY. I think it was used from 86 thru about 91. The only other item could be the BCM ( body control module) usually shorted by improper aftermarket stereo installation!