: Newbie, Toronto. Does a 2012 CTS4 sedan need the Canbus kit to upgrade to HID ?

01-07-13, 03:23 PM
Hello All. First post!! Got a 2012 CTS4 sedan from
Santa. I was used to HID xenon on my previous ride (Infi G35) . I want to change the headlights to HID. I guess i need the HID kit, not just the bulbs? A couple of places in town ask around $350 to install an HID KIT. They told me I might need the upgraded CanBus kit, (i guess to prevent ECU to read lights out or something?? If anybody has any suggests or feedback as to whether i need the CanBus kit or just the normal one?? TNX

01-07-13, 04:40 PM
I'd actually like to follow this as well... I have a 2011 coupe w/ Halogens and want to upgrade to Xenons, but if I get OEM Xenon headlamps with bulbs and ballasts is it just plug and play or is there more involved?

01-07-13, 04:51 PM
only thing that is involved is searching lol