View Full Version : 2011 srx

01-06-13, 07:32 PM
I just purchased a "new to me!" dream car!! I LOVE everything about this car except it won't pair with my 4s IPhone. My old car had no problems and my phone will pair with another car. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

01-11-13, 08:58 AM
Hi happyheart927, I recently paired my Iphone with my SRX and it pair easy enough, however, It does not take tag names for your phone book automaticly. You must enter tag name manualy. The owners manual covers this and easy to follow steps. I do recommend making a list of the names and numbers you want to enter before you start. Once you enter the correct mode the voice will ask you for the number and then the tag name and you verbally answer the questions. If you cannot pair your phone at all, Google ,pairing phones, there is plenty of info to help you.