: Escalade Bumper/Exhaust Upgrade

01-05-13, 10:06 PM
Due to a recent accident, I have to replace my bumper and exhaust on my '07 Escalade ESV. I wanted to upgrade the exhaust and bumper to the '12 dual exhaust look. I have seen threads on this forum that showed the conversion costing roughly $1200. Could you tell me the difference between the cost of a '07 bumper cover and exhaust and the '12. I will likely have to pay the difference out of pocket, so I am not looking to pay too much. I would have all repairs done in the collision center at Rippy. Thanks.

01-07-13, 10:23 AM
because it's a custom swap you'll have to provide me with the part numbers

i don't have a list of what's needed/required for these kinds of things but I'll be glad to help you out once we know what parts you need