: Should I be concerned with timing chain issues?

bob k
01-05-13, 03:35 PM
We've owned a 97 Seville, and after 205,000 miles and putting up with the half case seal leak issue, we thought about upgrading to a 2008 CTS. However i've been reading about the timing chain issues on the 3.6L, and was wondering if it was resolved with the DI version of the engine? If its still an issue, could a shade tree mechanic such as myself be able to tackle such a job? I can usually handle most repair jobs, I have done manifold gaskets a few times on the GM 3800 engine. Haven't fixed the half case seal though because I do NOT have the skill or ability to pull the engine out, and if I have to do that for the 3.6L for the timing chain issue, id rather pass.

Thank you for your input!

01-12-13, 09:52 PM
I havent done it, but I am not sure its something you can do in ur garage. I dont think it would run that much at good repair shop. Maybe $800 with parts, just a guess.


Like you, i dealt with the case half leak on a northstar for the past 8 years and 300k miles. Engine is great with that exception. Still sad its gone.

We got an 08 cts 1.5 yr ago. The PT warranty is gone now, but I am not that worried. The 3.6 DI is a great engine. Both versions had chain issues. Not all, but some. If i have to put chains in it so be it. Love the car. No regrets. Beautiful vehicle in and out.