: '08 STS-V - New Member Intro

01-05-13, 03:36 AM
How's in going gentlemen (and ladies?)? I just bought a 2008 STS-V and my google searches have made it obvious that this is the place to be. First off, let me thank y'all for the help I have already received (my car came sans owner's manual). My name is Michael and I own a shop in Houston that specializes in customizing cars (more on that in a minute). I found my STS-V on accident, or maybe it found me... I dunno. I was initially going to get a CLS500 and then looked at some other cars like 94-96 Impalas, LS430s, Genesiseses, 300C SRT-8s, a GS300... I don't remember, let's just say I was at the mega dealership for some hours. So on my "maybe" list I added the STS-V to my itinerary, but once I saw it and sat in it the search was over. I dove in without doing any research whatsoever (other than pricing, got a good deal BTW), which was a horrible idea, but what cay I say? Love makes people do strange things. So I bought it, learned how to open the gas tank, learned how to set the driver memory, read about my "SLDS warning" (in less than 24 hours, ugh), and almost wrecked it a couple times. Not used to this much power.

Now back to what I do: I primarily build Japanese sedans of the VIP style. I'm sure plenty people hate it here, if y'all are even aware of it, but I love it and it's my passion/job. If you're not familiar with it; we take perfectly good flagship cars, slam the piss out of them, put on wheels that don't fit, and tires that fit even less. My personal preference is the pre-2K chassis:


This was my first flagship build (1990 Infiniti Q45). It is still my baby and my long term masterpiece. She's on the back burner right now, waiting until the time is just right, but someday she'll be perfect.


This is how she rests; with a Japanese Nissan President front/rear conversion, race car suspension, my second favorite wheels ever (I'm a wheel collector too), multi-colored, and with a bad tranny.


My second build was 1992 LS400. The starter went out, I got a little overzealous, and ended up scrapping the project and parting the car out.


I also acquired this 1998 LS400 from a friend/team mate. At one time this Rosso Vic Lexus was a fairly complete build, but I bought it without a bunch of stuff with intentions to redo it. I'll get around to it.


My most recent VIP acquisition is this 1995 Infiniti Q45. It was supposed to be my daily, after I totaled my Titan, but it's just too finicky. So I'm gonna put it up and work on it a little, then take it out to play occasionally (and maybe eventually sell it).

Other cars I have own include an S14 240SX, a Maxima, and a Caprice.

Worry not though, I don't plan on doing anything like this to the STS-V (at least for a couple years). This is going to be my "sensible" daily driver (@13.6 MPG). I'm going to personalize it a bit (small drop, black out, bolt-ons) but the great thing about this car is it makes me want to do very little, whereas most cars I go in with the intention of going to far.

So it's a black on black 2008 w/ about 68K miles (pics soon). I can't keep the smile off my face. I'm a little scared of all the technology, but come on... it says the freakin' speed on the glass. I definitely was not ready for all those horses either. Anyways, I look forward to being a contributing member; hopefully without making everyone hate me like my other forum. LOL. JK. Kinda...

01-05-13, 09:13 AM
Welcome do you know a shop in Houston who can make a wheel wider? I live in sa.

01-05-13, 12:06 PM
i am only familiar with one shop in the country that widens stock/one piece wheels. technically any good machine/welding shop should be able to handle it but it probably pays to use someone with experience on this one. there's a mustang shop in my complex that has used some widened stockies on builds so i'll see if they have a referral.

01-06-13, 11:50 PM

haven't got around to any pics yet, but we've all seen a stock sts anyway right? here's one from the dealer. i got my first good look at the paint today (it's been raining/overcast since i bought it) and it's a little rougher than i thought. definitely gonna have to drop it off for a detail asap. there is a ton of marring to buff out. one of my friends who owns a shop that does custom audio happened to have a like new navtv module laying around so i'm gonna have that installed for cheap. another friend of mine who manages a repair shop is going to update the computer for the lane departure system and deactivate it. it was cool for a couple hours, but i'm not a fan. i do love the blind spot sensor though.

01-07-13, 12:17 PM
Black is so hard to keep perfect, but looks so good when it is.

01-08-13, 01:03 AM
perfect... probably not, but i have had enough black cars that i know to keep them clean. i usually have my daily washed 3 times a week. once at a hand wash and twice at a touchless drive through. always the same ones.

i'm leaning towards keeping the chrome, and doing a chrome exchange on the wheels. i have decided to do the calipers in wrinkle red powdercoat (used this color on another set of calipers recently and they look great), a spectre/gibson/w4m setup, d3 springs, and some spacer/extended studs to tigthen up the fitment a bit. i have also presented the idea of stainless test pipes or an x-pipe of minimally invasive construction to round it out.