: Intermitten start

01-04-13, 06:17 PM
I have a 2000 Catera,never had a problem starting until 2 days ago.I purchased gas and shortly after I noticed a lack of power but had no problem starting and driving the car all day.Then I tried to start the car again and it sputtered alot but would not start.After about half hour the car started right up and ran fine.Then it did it again and I towed the car to a garage.Bad gas was the suspect,topped up the tank and added the proper additives to clean it out.Started up just fine again.Today,I ran around town starting and stopping it with no problems until later tonight,didnt start again,tried for 45 minutes the boom,started right up and ran fine...any ideas

01-06-13, 04:20 PM
one of 2 issues 100% either you have a bad Crank position sensor.. normally would notice a problem when the car was more hot.. and when cold would be unlikely to have an issue...

other problem.. FUEL PURGE VALVE I had to have mine replaced. the purge valve gets stuck open.. and the car gets to much fuel, so the computer leans it back out thinking its being over fueled and the car wants to stall all the time.. esp right after you FINALLY get it to start..

Mine acted up most when I would have a full fuel tank!

if its the purge valve it cost me $600 at the dealer to replace it.. but had to be done.. because there is a charcole filter in the tank,, and if it get saturated with fuel it ruins the filter and then you have to replace the whole fuel tank.. Min acted up for 3-4 weeks befor we figured out the problem... but I did not have the change the tank.

I will pretty much gurantee you its one of those problems.. the fact that it acts up right after you fuel leans me more toward purge valve.. and thats located under the plenum.