: Halogen vs HID Headlight Outer Lens... Same?

01-04-13, 09:16 AM
I was wondering if anyone knows if the outer lens of the headlights are the same for the Halogen and HID headlights. I would imagine they are, but wasn't sure and I'm not able to compare them together at the moment.

I have a set of CTS-V HID headlights I plan to put in place of my halogen headlights. One of the HID headlights has a crack in the lens. I am pulling the HID lights apart to do some mods and clean a little haze out they have inside. I thought about pulling one or both of my halogen lights apart and using their lenses to replaced the crack lens on he HID light.

I want to see if that is possible before spending money on another HID headlight or putting the HID lights back together and resealing them. Thanks!

01-04-13, 12:50 PM
You have both sets just compare them. Pretty sure the outer shell is one and the same

01-04-13, 02:46 PM
You have both sets just compare them. Pretty sure the outer shell is one and the same

I would compare them, but my wife drove the car out of town to visit her family for the holidays. I'll have to wait until next week to look at them when she gets back. I was going to pull the HID lights apart this weekend and get them done. I don't want to put the good one back together until I know they are the same and will match. I guess I can just leave them apart until she gets back and see what happens.

01-05-13, 09:12 AM
lol they're the same

01-25-13, 10:12 AM
I just wanted to post an update to let anyone that may be looking for this info in the future that they are NOT the same... The outer lenses are interchangeable, but there is one small difference between the 2. So swapping out a cracked lense is possible. Just need to get lenses that match.

Here's some pics of the differences between them.

NON-HID Headlight Outer Lense

The NON-HID lense has a small area of raised ridges inside the lense on what would be the outside edge of the headlight right over the 3 small LEDs. Circled in RED.

Close up

Other side of the lense is smooth.

HID Headlight Outer Lense

The HID outer lense has a simular small area of raised ridges, but they are in a different location on the edge of the lense closest to the grille. Circled in RED.

Close up

Other side is smooth where the ridges are on the NON-HID outer lenses.

I'm going to try sanding down the ridges and polishing the lense back out to clear on the cracked one I have. If it can be done without being too difficult I'll do that for both of the lenses I have so they match. If not, I'll grab another NON-HID headlight off of ebay for $30-$40 and call it good.