: Can I use a 93 Bose CD/Tape HU as pre-amp in an aftermarket system

01-03-13, 12:16 PM
I'm looking at getting an aftermarket amp for my car (I've already replaced the speakers and it had some POS HU in it from the previous owner) and was wondering If I would be able to use the Bose HU as a pre-amp of sorts, seeing as I have yet to find a nice 2 Din HU to use instead. I know it doesn't have a tuner but I honestly haven't listened to radio in I don't know how long. I would mainly be using the Tape and CD sections. I can guess that it would put out a standard low level signal for the tape but does this HU contain a DAC for the CD section?

01-07-13, 12:49 AM
So no one has any idea if the bose HU will out put an analog signal when the CD player is selected.

01-17-13, 02:20 AM
You are going to want this device

Amazon sells it cheaper!!

If you need a 4 channel version they have that too..but not a 6 channel version (so no 4channel amp + 2 channel/Mono amp for subwoofer). You could still do it but you would need to piggyback your rear to your sub (your amps should have this ability or you can buy a piggyback cable)

I take it your aftermarket HU already has the RCA's and remote lead running to it? If it does, and you can fit this device behind the Bose when you install it then this is a really quick job. You will just need to find the color codes to determine what wires power each speaker and polarity. Also what wires are providing it with 12v power (constant) or run a line to your fuze box or battery. This device will not reduce the load on the headunit (ohms) nor affect audio output from your stereo. It can be installed at the amp or head unit; completely up to you.

As a side note, I read your question over 10 times before I think I figured out what you were trying to do. It may have been the reason for your lack of responses :)

Good Luck!! :)


If however I was wrong and you just want something to trigger the remote on lead to your amplifier (not sure why the aftermarket HU isn't doing that for you) then you can buy this device and its only a 4 wire installation.