: 02 STS defrost grill

01-02-13, 11:25 PM
My defrost vent/grill on the dashpad is extremely sun-faded and cracked in multiple places so i would like to replace it. My interior is tan in color.

Also im assuming that there is supposed to be 2 sensors in defrost grill in front of the driver, my car is missing them so I get the "headlamps suggest" message every time i start the car

Whats the price for the defrost grill & 2 sensors?

last 8 of VIN: 2U150183

Shipping to: CT

01-03-13, 10:41 AM
you're looking for #6 in this parts illustration right?



and the sensors are #25 & #26 in this illustration


01-03-13, 11:50 AM
Yup # 6 for sure, and #25+26 look to be correct as well

01-03-13, 01:43 PM

dash defroster grille
$129.49 - list price
$92.26 - your price

headlamp light sensor
$57.91 - list price
$41.26 - your price

hvac sun load sensor
$87.82 - list price
$54.89 - your price

I would have to order all three of these from GM

shipping would cost about $23 due to the size of the defroster grille