: Headlight help needed

01-02-13, 03:50 PM
I took my headlights apart and painted them black a while back. Condensation started forming in the headlight then the light bulb went out. Took headlight out applied sealant generously replaced bulb reinstalled assembly after appropriate drying time. Condensation still forms headlight bulb quit working again. I'm ready for some new better looking headlights. Black in color without losing my factory hids. Can anyone point out where I can get some nice looking headlights? Pretty flexible on price depending on the options and looks of the headlights.

01-02-13, 10:46 PM
I have a set of factory headlight assemblies I was just about to post in the classified section. They were in perfect working condition when I removed them 3 days ago and just have minor age/UV hazing/scratches on the top surface.

01-02-13, 11:17 PM

Stealth V
01-03-13, 09:01 AM
drill a small hole in the side of the housing (hidden somewhere). drive it a few days and all the condensation should get out. had that happen to my goat and my V, both times the hole fixed it just fine. you can see the one i drilled below. It goes through the housing and i can see it behind the lens.

01-03-13, 12:50 PM
PM me your email and I'll email you pics of the lights if you would like.


01-03-13, 03:04 PM
Thanks stealth v I'm gonna give it a try!

Stealth V
01-03-13, 03:50 PM
Not a problem, let us know how it works. Ive had it successfully done on my GTO and now the V. Just takes a couple days driving and its clear. On the V I took my air compressor and shot some air through the hole in there to break up some of the more condensed areas.

01-06-13, 07:01 PM
All the aftermarket lights that I'm finding says that it is not for factory equipped xenon.... I want a fresh custom looking aftermarket headlight, anyone got any suggestions on how to make something work or where I can get some direct factory replacement aftermarket lights?