: Best lowering/performance springs

01-02-13, 03:38 PM
Hello there, i installeda set of 20 inch VOSSEN and now im interested in lowering the car a bit to make it look right, anyway im looking for advice from people that have done this in order to see if i should go with EIBACH, H&R or D3 springs. i really dont want to lose the cadillac ride ( eventhough by replacing springs the ride tends to be mor harsh and stiff ) but want to find out which springs offer the best ride quality.

any advice ?
Thank you

01-11-13, 01:09 PM
Just make sure you get somebody installing them who is authorized by the manufacture & knows what they are doing. Read up on the differences between the different manufacturers. And what introducing the change to the magnetic ride can do.

I purchased a 2011 v coupe that the previous owner had already had the D3 springs.
Make no mistake the look is off the charts. The stance on a decent wheel with 20's. That's what sold me on the car after getting past performance.
however I had no idea about the springs until after the purchase.
After buying the car and doing about 800 miles I started hearing this squish sound coming out of the front end.
This is where the gray area begins.
I'm not a mechanic so when you read a few threads in this forum on the D3's you will see people talking about cutting bump stops and doing various things to the D3's to correct what the lowering of the car introduces in the sound. It's a $70k car and that sound makes you feel like you driving a Yugo.
For people like me I'm not equipped with the tools, nor have any ambition to attempt to tear the front end apart. So then only option was off to the dealer.
It's been there 3 times and you are now in the gray area of something that is not factory so they introduce their side of not covering it and you go through the different attempts to make it go away.
Bottom line, 3 attempts, and it will go away when grease get's put into the upper strut mounts, but eventually returns. Last time there was some form of a wrap Teflon tape put in because it was believed that the powder coating in the mount points was adding to the issue. Again, initially it went away a little over a month, but it's back now.
Now I could have the dealership do the cutting of the bump stops, but there is nothing I can find that day's long term will that create other issues. There have been some things reported about leaks occurring because of this.
So the end result is I'm trying to decide is the squishy annoying sound worth the possibility of loosing manufacturers warranty in case the magenetic ride goes bad.
I'm still chasing it with then mechanic.

01-11-13, 04:03 PM
I bought the D3 springs, ran them for a couple hundred miles, and realized I wanted my car lower. So I opted for KW coilovers. I'll sell you my D3 springs if you want em.

01-12-13, 02:59 PM
If he is not intrested in the d3 coils shoot me a price

01-12-13, 08:17 PM
I paid $500. I'll let em go for $300 (plus shipping). They are just sitting in the box in my garage. I just wanna get rid of them. They literally only have a couple hundred miles on them. I got impatient waiting for them to settle and I went with coilovers for a sure drop. Lmk...

01-14-13, 10:21 PM
They are $389.00 on there website

01-19-13, 07:45 AM
The sport springs are $389. The competition springs (the ones I bought) are $429. They have a more aggressive drop. I think they lowered the price since I bought mine. I'll sell them for $250 or best offer.

02-06-13, 02:35 AM
I've got a set of D3 springs. I can't use them because I'm already scraping my driveway, they came with the car, in the trunk (previous owner didn't want the ride stiffer).

PM me if interested.