: 2002 Deville Base DNX9980 Install Advice

12-29-12, 09:13 PM

I want to install a Kenwood HU (DNX9980) in my 02 Deville. It has the base stereo...no Bose or amplifiers.

I previously installed this unit in a 95 Buick Park Ave with out a problem. Now I am wondering about the 02 Deville because I am concerned with the theft system not seeing the stock radio.

I read somewhere on this forum that I should move the base radio to the trunk to prevent theft/network issues. Is this correct?

What type of module(s) will I need to keep steering wheel controls?

This unit that I want to install has hands-free calling. Is it possible to hook into the "on-star" mic that is already apart of the rear view mirror?

Thanks for any help on this.

01-06-13, 09:09 AM

Here's the cd/dvd/radio/usb/bluetooth H/U and adapters I used in my 2003 Base model DeVille.


I used the GMOS-06 module, along with a ASWC interface to retain the steering wheel controls. The buttons on my steering wheel work perfectly to control volume and track. Unfortunately, I could not utilize the OnStar button to activate the Bluetooth phone function. But I have the H/U set to automatically receive calls after one ring, so if someone calls me when I'm driving, then it is completely hands-free. If I want to make a call (on my Android phone), I have to touch a couple of icons to get my 'assistant' up and running, and then she does it by voice command. I really wish I could redirect that OnStar button to activate my cell phone. If you eventually figure a way to do it, please post here.

RE: the OnStar mic. That was a no-go. I had to wire up the separate external mic (included with radio).

RE: theft system. No problems for me. I put new radio in and the old stock H/U is sitting in a box.

Lemme know how you make out

Hope this helps, Dave F. in Rhode Island

02-19-13, 09:51 PM
I installed a DNX-9990HD. First try was with the GMOS and AWSC, audio quality was pretty good going through factory wires and RIM, lost the chimes and the RAP acted funny. After opening a door, it sounds like it's trying to turn off twice and then finally turns off.
I have the PAC setup wired and ready to go in which has a seperate chime and steeirng wheel control modules.
As far as the mic, use the Kenwood. It's better than what was available in 2002 and matches the system. I plan to run the wire into the mirror and replace that mic with the Kenwood. I'd also like to put the nav receiver in the window module next to the rear view mirror. Need to check schematics to see if I interupt serial data links and find what that is. It might be nav, not sure.

02-20-13, 12:43 AM
What's the difference veteran the PAC and GMOS?

02-23-13, 05:19 PM
I took the GMOS out and cut the shrink wrap off the cableing and found that it shorted the serial bus pins E6 and F6, Not good.
The Pac wriring doesn't do that. The device should simulate the Bose HU by responding to SOH (state of health..or as I call them "are you there?") messages and passing the other serial data on to the rest of the ring bus.
I'll have the Pac installed tomorrow.
I just finished Dynomatting the entire interior and I'm beat.