: 2002 dts

Jungle George
12-29-12, 05:19 PM
I need to fix a leak on my water pump area, since I need to take the whole assembly out to check to see what the problem is I might as well replace the waterpump. Can you help me with these parts and price?? if you need the VIN let me know..



12-31-12, 02:54 PM

When replacing the water pump on these we recommend also replacing the pump housing/cover and the two seals (the teardrop shaped one and thermostat o-ring)

There's been a bunch of discussion threads over the years talking about why GM changed the cover/housing design (and how that changed the gaskets)

Your 2002 is near the change-over to the new style but we don't have a definitive break point so you can either just get the new cover or try and figure out if you already have the new cover and just get the seals if you do


water pump
$117.72 - list price
$73.58 - your price

$50.49 - list price
$35.98 - your price

teardrop gasket
$11.18 - list price
$6.98 - your price

t/stat o-ring
$9.16 - list price
$5.71 - your price


I will have these parts in stock unless we get a bunch sold in the same day

shipping will cost about $18 to get them to you