: Installing HID on EXISTING Fog light for 2013 SRX Performace

12-28-12, 05:14 PM
Basic info first: DO NOT JUST BUY BULBS. Don’t use those aftermarket white light bulbs… they are different wattage and can/will burn your wires (happened to me long time ago)
Purchase the right HID lights with the whole KIT. Trust me, it easy to connect all the wires.

Tools needed: SORT (NOT SMALL)…SORT cross (Phillips head) screw driver, Flat head screw driver, small ZIP ties (to secure the wires afterwards, and about 45mins-1hr.
1) Turn your car wheel all the way LEFT and PARK
2) Unscrew all the screws and 1 fastener on the PLASTIC that covers the fog light between the front bumper and the driver side TIRE. I think there are 5 screws and 1 fastener. To get the fastener out, you will use the flat screw driver to pull out the first layer (you will see a hole where you can insert the flat head (lol) once you pull the first layer, you can turn the fastener round to see the second layer. Same thing... insert the flat head on the hole and pull out. MAKE SURE YOU DONT BREAK THEM.. OR ELSE GO GET SOME AT THE DEALERSHIP.
3) Once you open up the plastic, you can lay down and (using your small flash light) see the fog light bulb. TURN COUNTER CLOCK and once you cannot turn anymore, put straight out. (you may need to pull out on a different angle here and there. Trust me, it comes out. DO NOT touch the bulb’s glass or else you need to clean the bulb’s glass.. (same goes for the HID bulbs)
4) Get your New HID BULB ONLY and insert it on the fog light. This time, clockwise……
5) Connect all the wires (this is the most time consuming because you cant really put both hands in there. Once done so, figure out how to secure all the devices and a wires. TEST the fog lights and once it turns on…. CLOSE THE PLASTIC and your way there!
6) This time, turn the wheels all the way to the RIGHT and follow step 2 on the PASSENGER side. You will notice that there are more room but less holes to secure the devices.
7) Once you are done, turn them on to test. IF all goes well, screw the plastics back and enjoy!

Passenger side.. you will notice that the driver side has a HORN...lol

Dont worry about all those wires... there is really only one wire connection to the blub. So easy, they dont even give you instructions. you can see it on youtube.. but really.. its lot easier when you lay it all down. It just looks like there are lot of wires because I ZIP tied them down near other wires.