View Full Version : 04 Escalade Cargo Cover

Mark Edward Morrison
12-28-12, 03:55 PM
Anyone out there know where I could get a shale colored short wheel base SUV interior cargo cover? I have looked all over the Internet and found one GM dealer and he finally replies to tell me they were discontinued?? Get it off your web site then I was thinking... Any help would be appreciated!

12-28-12, 09:59 PM
Check Craigslist or eBay. I got mine off eBay for under $30 with free ship and it was new. There is one on Craigslist in my area for a while. But they won't ship.

12-30-12, 05:45 PM
Here is one listed on CL in my state of WA. Maybe they will ship?

Mark Edward Morrison
12-31-12, 01:35 PM
Thanks! I found a TAN one like I needed for my shale interior on eBay, one the bid Saturday night.