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12-27-12, 12:46 PM
I am a new owner of a 91 Allante. The car has chrome wheels and one has the chrome peeling. I have looked on different sites and can not find one. These wheels look identical to the silver or gray factory wheels on a 91 according to pictures except they are chrome. Thinking they might be an option I got ahold of Allantesource to try and buy another one from Mr. Hussey. I was informed that the only factory chrome wheels for an Allante were in 93. The 93 is a different wheel than mine. Mine look identical to the 91 wheels except they are chrome. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THESE FACTORY CADILLAC WHEELS ARE OFF OF? Thanks

12-27-12, 08:22 PM
I've seen the standard Allante rims (pre 93) chrome plated, but I think they may have been done via an aftermarket source ( and were likely done by the dealerships). The Devilles had a similar (if not the same) rim design option on the late 80s models, and I've also seen those chrome plated as well...

01-03-13, 06:11 PM
Thanks Thats kinda what I have thought also. Was just hoping I was wrong. I guess I need to find a chrome shop. There is not one in my town but I found a couple in K C.

01-10-13, 10:15 PM
I had the wheels on my 89 chromed in Orange County (CA) back in 90 or 91. I have changed them out now because of peeling. I wouldn't recommend chroming. The first symptoms were flat tires because the chrome on the wheel beads bubbled and the tires would not seat on the rim. Then they just started peeling all over. Actually, I don't think they all peeled but it was still a PIA

01-11-13, 09:49 AM
Wheels flex, Chrome does not! It will peel eventually. Most shops only warranty chrome for a year. Have them polished and clear coated if you are keeping the car.

01-11-13, 10:27 PM
I found this product while browsing around one night, I know nothing about it and it seems expensive, but book marked it in case I ever needed it. Might be worth a try?