: stumped

12-27-12, 10:27 AM
happy holidays to everyone. Im new here and im stumped. i have a 49 ford F1 with a 1968/69 modeel 472 engine. i bought it bout three weeks ago. im trying to get it running but a ran into a problem. it wants to rin but i have to hold the push button (toggle switch) down for it to run but as soon as i let go of the buttin it dies. and im worried that the starter is not disingageing. Does anyone have any ideas where i should start in trying to trouble shoot this problem?

12-28-12, 10:21 AM
Old points style ignitions relied on a ballast resistor to supply 12 volts to the distributor when cranking, then switch to about 8 volts after starting. If the resistor is open, there will not be 8 volts when the push button is released. Locate this white resistor ( its about the size of an old pack of chewing gum with 2 electrical leads ) and jumper around it. If it stays running, buy a new one. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, ask a parts counter man for a ballast resistor so you know what it looks like then find out where the PO installed it. If you leave it bypassed too long, like 4 or 5 days, it will fry the points! The only other thing I can think of is the start and run wires at the starter solenoid are disconnected. The solenoid should have 3 wires to it. The large battery cable in the center and 2 other thin wires on either side. One marked R and the other marked S on the face of the solenoid. I hope this helps.

12-30-12, 02:47 PM
I agree with Carnut. Sounds like that resistor may be gone. Not uncommon in older, wrecking yard motors.

01-06-13, 03:17 AM
And the point of this forum is to not just take info, but to post back that the car is now fixed. We dont mind helping but posting the fix helps others like yourself.

01-13-13, 09:15 AM

I doubt we're going to hear from him. judging from the bad spelling and nature of the post, he got what he wanted and split. No worries, plenty of good folk left here!