: 1997 cadillac catera hesitates on acceleration.

12-26-12, 08:38 PM
i have a question. I have a 1997 cadillac catera. It has 77k miles on it. I recently replaced the fuel pump and the ignition coil due to other issues. Anyways, when i accelerate it hesitates. The weird part of it is it only happens when i get down to a quarter of gas left. If i fill up it will be fine again til i get back down to 1/4. I am wondering if it may be the transmission or what it may be. Can i get your opinion on it . Thanks in advance, I appreciate your feedback..

12-27-12, 01:51 AM
sounds like your fuel filter needs replacing,

12-27-12, 02:15 PM
I have the same issue, was told it was due to cold starting, but when I have the vehicle all warmed up I get a hesitation at initial take off, I ordered new 02 sensors and catalytic converters to put on it since I need those, not sure if that will fix the acceleration issue or not. have check engine light on after a few minutes of driving, replaced ignition plug wires and new spark plugs, my next stop is the coil pack, and the fuel filter. so if either of those two fixes fix the issue then i'll post on my results.

let me know what you guys think about this. I'm no mechanic.

edit: Mine is a 98 with 185k on it.

12-28-12, 12:13 AM
If your CES light is coming on, you have codes stored. Go to AutoZone and have them pulled.

12-29-12, 03:33 AM
The code reads will put you on the right path. eBay has O2 sensors right now for $20.55 with free shipping. Worked fabulously on my 70k car and they were plug and play, not splice and dice. Just installed today and am pleasantly surprised, especially since the cheapest locals - Carquest - wanted $141 EACH. Now my car is operating with all its juice again and hopefully my meager gas mileage will improve. I've said this before, but I have been astounded at the range in prices for components for this car. DIC pack at Alphonso - $400+. eBay from a NY outlet - $62. Free shipping and is working excellently 5000 miles later. Same with O2 sensors. I just got Saturn valve covers at Pick n Pull for $36 - and they're metal. I just might make this work. Knock on wood. (sound of knuckles on head)


My old brain is getting slower and slower. I read the post about the Information display and my addled head put DIC in my post where I meant DIS. Sorry for confusion. And I just checked - it's been operating faultlessly for 7751 miles to be exact. My business major brain rounds up or down in the damnedest ways. Math never my strong suit. Thanks to all for your kind and patient advice.


One last observation. Our cars have two upstream O2 sensors and two downstream. Changing them all at the current prices was a no-brainer and it feels like brand new when hitting the freeway again. Of course, 36 hours is hardly a large sample size, but so far so good. Good luck.

12-29-12, 01:28 PM
So the Catera does have four o2 sensors, that ebay link I posted david are those o2 sensors able to be used as pre and post cat o2 sensors? the ebay ad says there pre cat, could I use them as post as well ? Kinda confused here