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12-26-12, 06:22 PM
Hello Everyone, In my last post about changing my FM/Cassette unit to a CD, it was the consences that it would not be possible because of the wiring differences. While zip tying down some floppy wiring I noticed a sealed up factory wiring connector in the trunk (wraped in styrofoam).From trips to my salvage yard I recognized it as a CD changer plug (2 rows of 9 or 10 pin). Is it possible with that connector there that the dash end also has a CD plug also? I found a CD unit that is not Bose same button set-up as my cass...not a doubleCD/Cass just AM/FM/CD, the whole car(seville) looks like it was cared for. What has been you guys experiences at this? Am I still hoping for something that is not possible?
As always I would like to hear thoughts from everyone that has an idea...........Ed

12-27-12, 08:20 PM
ANY '96+ Eldorado had provision in the trunk for a CD changer. This means you do have the CD changer cable in the trunk by the power antenna.
Is a black female connector, 1 row of 9 pins (pin 4 is vacant).
Your car needs the 12 Disk CD Changer, regardless if you have BOSE or base the CD changer is the same.
You can find one for cheap on e-bay or on wreckyards (pay attention most have water damages or the magazine is jammed in).
In the picture below are two CD Changers like the one you need (but not the correct bracket).
You need the CD Changer and the Cadillac specific CD changer (nothing else, no cables, adapers or whatever somebody may try to sell you). Is a plug an play deal, just plug it and the existing HU will recognize it right away.
Here are more details. (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-seville-cadillac-eldorado-forum/200759-seville-12-disc-cd-changer.html#post2252801)
This is a picture of the CD Changer with the Cadillac specific bracket.

01-03-13, 06:36 PM
Thank you for that info..Im not wanting a changer in the trunk yet ,I should have asked since the trunk wiring is there for a cd changer do you think the in dash wiring will allow aplug-n play switch out from fm/cassette to fm/cd?... thanks for the pics, hopefully I won't have to have 5,371 posts to learn how to do that stuff....thanks Ed

01-04-13, 12:15 AM
I don't understand what you mean.
Do you want to replace the HU from the Cassette/Tape/Radio to Cassette/Tape/Radio/CD?

If that's what you want I believe I mentioned recently in one of your threads (hope I am not mistaking you for another poster), if you don't have Bose it WON'T WORK!
Just so you understand what that involves have a look here (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-seville-cadillac-eldorado-forum/161811-stock-bose-conversion.html).