: vechicle contacts erase when car is turned off

12-26-12, 07:23 AM
Hello, I stored contacts to my vechicle contacts and when I turned off the car all the. Info was erased. I was able to go back and look at the contacts while the car was on. Please help. Thank you.

01-02-13, 01:30 PM
I haven't heard of this problem before. Have you tried creating a contact over again? Could you say what steps you are going through to create the contact? If you are creating a new contact from scratch, you can go into the phone application, select Contacts from the icons along the bottom of the screen, and then on the right make sure it says Vehicle Contacts. If it doesn't you can select the button on the right side of the screen that lets you switch between your vehicle contacts and your connected phone's contacts list. From there, you should be able to press the Create New Contact button on the right to create the new contact. In the next screens, tap on the field that you would like to save information to, and when finished, push the Save button in the lower left corner. Once this is done, that contact should show up in the list and it should be saved.

If this is what you have done, then I'm not sure exactly why it would get erased when you turn the car off. I would suggest trying to save the contact again and see if it still gets deleted. It should be saved once you hit the Save button.