: Shipping wheels from USA to Scotland

John P
12-25-12, 08:02 PM
Hi guys, Iv got a 2004 Escalade that's been my dream car for many years.
Iv been looking at eBay USA and iv noticed that the difference in price for wheels Are quite literally a third of the prices mainly cos they aren't so rare over there and a lot more choice. My only issue is shipping.
Does Anyone know the best, cheapest and safest way to ship from USA to Scotland? What's the process on getting the wheels to the relevant place for shipping at .
. Genuinely sorry if this is in the wrong forum, Don't know where else to put this and iv been drinking and its 10 past 1 in the morning lol.

Merry Christmas guys.



12-26-12, 12:01 AM
The first thing to do is contact whomever you are buying them from. They'll be the person making decisions on how they get shipped, so it would be good to arm yourself with that knowledge beforehand, so you know what it is that you are going up for. The most likely result is that the company or person you buy them from will have them sent via USPS in four separate boxes. Seen it done before. Could be a bit costly, so if they ARE going to do that, get a quote (In fact, get a quote no matter how they would ship them) that way you know how much you will woe if you were buying them.

I sell a lot of car parts to various places, not usually anything as large as a set of wheels. I've a client in Finland though who buys a lot of vintage Cadillac parts and the shipping IS a bit costly (But as with your case, I suppose it is still cheaper than trying to find them locally, if they are even available)

Anyhow, I'd go onto Ebay and just ask them how they would plan to ship them. As a seller, they are supposed to be able to determine shipping costs and are supposed to message you back. It is only common courtesy.

How's the weather in Glasgow this time of year? Seriously almost moved there once.

12-26-12, 02:37 PM
Check out Ebay, they have some new way for international shipping. I don't know whether it applies to things as large anheavy as truck wheels, but it would be worth looking into to see if it would be much cheaper.