: Gearbox problem

12-25-12, 05:10 PM
Good evening folks, I do have a problem with the gearbox: When the car has been parked for a week it starts very well but when I do shift to "DRIVE" nothing happens for the first 10-20 seconds, than I can feel the gearbox shifts into the gear(with a little shook). Oil-level okay,color also,no burning smell and no dirt in it. Change oil every 2 years together with filter.Kick-down works perfect. While driving gearbox shifts very well and smooth, I even hardly feel every shift. But when I do make a stop and put selector-lever in neutral and lets say 5 minutes later again in the DRIVE position I do feel a rough shook,after that driving goes like I said before.If neutral position is 30 seconds there is just a minor shook.
A mechanic on the Dutchcadillac forum says it might be a vacuum-loss or a defective vacuum modulator,but when I did the test by accelarating slowly from stop there is a very smooth shift,at low speed to 2nd. So,no vacuum loss or defective vacuum modulator(I think). For myself I think there is a stuck or defective valve in the control valve. (manual valve??) Does anybody know whats the cause of this??
Thanks for reading this and have a very nice X-Mas Greetz caddy-bert

01-04-13, 06:27 PM
Your gearbox is suffering from a loss of pressure.. likely caused by gunk that finds its way to the bottom of the pan while the gearbox is hot after shutdown. The gunk is from worn clutch material.. Its gotta go somewhere, right?

I'll bet the delay into reverse (cold) is even more pronounced.. It takes more pressure for reverse to happen than forward gear.

knock the pan down.. and replace the trans filter as a first step. It will likely fix the problem right there.. and is cheap to do..
resist the urge to put any sealant on the gasket when putting it back together.. a tiny particle of sealant will surely get into the valve body and gum something up.. Always instal trans pan gaskets dry.
before you pop it all back together, dump a bottle of Lucas transmission Fix in there.. .
Forget about putting that stuff in through the dipstick.. it's way to thick..
It's not snake oil, its pretty good stuff.
That stuff will get into the valve body, the solvents will go to work to de-stick the valve body, while additives will give tired seals more elasticity.

You don't have any vacuum issues.. nor would a stuck governor cause this problem.

If the above doesn't fix it.. a trans rebuild will.. it's worth a shot, right?

01-05-13, 04:36 AM
Good morning Jaykeane and all the best for this year. Also for every body else ofcours. In the mean time I have send an E-Mail to 4 company,s wich do re-build gearboxes and 3 of them answered: The problem with the gear-box will be most probably a dry seal near the forward clutch and it needs to be re-built but one of them also said you can try an additive like (what you said) a bottle of transmission Fix. Its not the final solution,that will be a re-built but it ll help you for a while.
The delay into reverse when cold is very minor. I will get some trans-Fix today and (maybe) monday I do have the time to re-place the oil filter and fix the Fix.
When its fixed I will get back to with the results. Thanks for now, greetz Caddy-Bert

01-11-13, 03:08 PM
Sounds legit.. if you don't have a lag into reverse, then i'd suspect a seal within the forward clutch.

the trans-fix along with a filter service may well buy you a season or more..

01-11-13, 07:52 PM
Heej good evening Jaykeane, in the mean time I have changed the oil filter and add a bootle of trans-fix and thereafter I have been driving,top-down, although it was only 6degree C and it seems to work. No more such a big shook when shifting into D. Next step is to bring idle-speed down.Thats now higher than normal because my carbutator is has had its best time,after 42 years. When leaving the oil off there where some black particles left in the oil-pan. Nothing toworry about said the members of the Dutchcadillacforum.For now we are making plans to go on hollidays with the Caddy to Chechia that are vice-versa about 1900 miles.But first I have to be surten about the gear-box. Also I have to drive some weddings and college-partys. For the coming days the wheather will be to bad to work on the car,since today its freezing and the next few days we will get some snow,so nu way to work in a un-heated garage. Thats all for now, when I will drive the car again with better wheather I will get back to You with the results after cold. Thankx for writing and have a nice week-end and the days there-after greetz Caddy-Bert

01-11-13, 08:10 PM
I´m glad you fixed your problem so easy. Good luck for this 1900 miles trip. It will for sure be a good test for your caddy´s reliability. :thumbsup: